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looks a lot better!

Whats up with the brakes, I guess those are 280mm disks? Plans for that?

Eventually I will change the brakes, which I think are 300 mm now, but given the performance, weight and brake behavior of the car it isn't a priority.

Made a mistake with the weight of the car on paper. Weight is 2600 lbs.

With the C30T5 the stock brakes behaved OK also but were missing bite. It felt like they were just enough for the job so I decided to change to the larger AWD front brake which are 320 mm . Made several laps at the ring at the time and it was good enough. With the 1.6 at the Ring the brakes were hardly used.. :lol:

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Still in a marital fight over the green mirrors.. :ph34r:

Did a lot of investigating and made up my mind about which direction to go.

At first there will be a piggyback ECU. See how it blends in with the rest of the car's electronics.

After that I have decided to go the Duratec 2.3 route. Eventually this engine is the best basis for future developments. Downside is that I need an MTX75 gearbox with it but I already sourced a gearbox at the local Volvo yard.

Engine will be a US flavor 2.3 from a Ford Ranger. This engine comes without a balance shaft which also means it has a slightly lighter crank.

Enough to keep me busy during the winter..

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Wow dude, you are freaking crazy!! :lol:

The C30 with the green mirrors is your wifes? Or do you have a 3rd one I forgot about?

The green mirrored C30 is my wife's car yes. It's a 1.6 diesel "DrivE".

The mirrors, KW shocks, Midir rims and TDR ProRace rims are leftovers from the former SD3,


Received the piggyback ECU this week. Need to wire it in which doesn't appear to be to difficult. Only problem so far are the Volvo wiring diagrams, I didn't have any.. :lol:

Collected a lot of Volvo 850/X70 information over the years but nothing about C30 except for some T5 information. The Volvo dealer is of great help and don't mind me ripping through all the workshop books but it is far from convenient this way. Made few copies of motor management and emissions wiring but I can't find the information on the drive by wire throttle body. Guess it's back to the good old volt meter. Want to install the ECU in the coming week and after that see how it all works. At first some sort of learning mode is needed and after that some wires can be intercepted. All new to me, totally different approach compared to a standalone.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Area 55 sabbatical? (A Sunday rant.. )

Well.. it almost feel like it.

Didn't do very much with the SD's except for driving them. The DD received new software and although performing pretty well I'm still not very happy with the smoothness of the engine. The 2.5T appears to be a very moody engine. There is a lot of torque available at very low revs, also stock it behaves that way, but somehow it won't make a smooth transition from high to part load. Still.. For the first time I managed to take the car to a new topspeed of 240 km/h, never have seen such speeds on this car before. With a trailer behind the car there is clearly more power available now.

The C30,

Already lowered and the TDR's fitted the car started to make a noise in the rear axle. Turned out one of the rear shocks almost lost the lower rubber bushing. Repaired the bushing and added new bump stops which also hold the dust covers. Old stops were having to much play causing the covers to rattle against the shocks.

Yesterday we had a small Volvo meeting. Decided to add the rear diffusor which used to be on my wife's C30 DrivE,



Pictures by Fearless. (TNX!)

I think it's a nice add on.

Received a Cosworth intake plenum for the future Duratec 2.3 engine, which isn't in yet btw. Unfortunately a fairly new MTX75 gearbox I found at a wreck yard was sold just before I wanted to pick it up.. The search continues. Will be collecting more parts in the coming months. I think the rebuild will start at the end of the year.

The S60,

This morning I wanted to visit the Ring with the SD5 but I had a hard time waking up.. :rolleyes: After a few cups of coffee I checked the car's fluids, filled the tank and drove in the direction of the Ring slightly after 10 'o clock. The weather is very nice and I guess many people were thinking the same thing.. First 35 km to the nearest highway, the 31 in Germany, was very busy and there was a detour.. Once on the highway direction South there was construction site but not that much traffic. For the remainder of the 31 I could manage to keep a speed between 180 and 230 km/h up to the exit toward highway number 2 after which I ran in to a huge traffic jam..

Entering highway 2 it connects to highway 3 which is the main highway in the direction of Dusseldorf, Koln and Bonn and in the opposite direction to Arnheim. At the crossing of 2 and 3 one can oversee a considerable distance of highway in front and it was traffic jam all the way so I decided to take the exit toward Arnheim and go home again.. So much for SD5's Ring debut. :lol: Car drove amazingly well at higher speed btw.

Still.. Somehow with this car it just doesn't happen.. <_<

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