The Chronicles Of Area 34, formerly 55


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Oh i see know, they got the same style but a close up shows the differences, still very nice wheels and since its speedline they probably don't weight much do they?

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when are you painting it white and throwing it in the ring with another engine?

Not any time soon. Want to fix the defects first.

But I did change the mirrors...


The door stickers have been removed already but the contours are still visible. Currently repairing the stuck caliper. Need to bring the car for inspection next week to arrange a Dutch registration for the car.

Shopped the sticker out of this picture to get an impression of what it should look like for the time being,


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It's a Volvo again!


Had the car officially imported and registered today. Swedish "EU" registration showed brand name as "miscellaneous" and description as "SAM Carrier". The Dutch registration system didn't accept "miscellaneous" as a brand so I said just put in "Volvo" which they did without hesitation.. :tup:

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