Post here when you're drunk or hungover


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Guest yourHELLAdumb!!

ok everyone we hneed a section that we can all post in when swe're drunk or hungover.

right nwow i'm petyddm dam hungover... gothoem at 3am last night so weeeeeee had tog et up at 7:45... first class at1 1 so i'm a go od some stuff.... slepe and bget books.


dA wHisTl3s gO wOO wOOO! d!$ hAv3 dA pOtEntIcanaL! to b3 a h3LlLaFunNY1 th R (tRad3mArk!) 3aD!

jO3 jO mAk3 m3 LaOuGH!

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