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now are we talking about wine in a box :D or wine in a bottle?

Box? Bottle?

Gotta get it straight outta the barrel! ;)

It was a bottle! (though technally wine in a box is "better" if you only want a glass or two, since it doesn't let the o2 in...)

It was a Seyval, from St Croix Vineyard. and it makes me wish i had purchased more than one bottle of it when i was there last fall.

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top shelf, really?

wheres that at?

i used to go to My Brothers Place somewhere around capital hill... $15 all you can drink 9-1am, liquor only until 11...


1223 Club... never been there but meeting up with some firends

Capital Hill is so gross... bunch of STDed college kids working on the Hill trying to hook up with each other and they think they are so special becuase the work there... and they only make 30k a year and thats why they can only go to happy hours... they all live together in group houses

they are a joke

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lmao - so thats what they're deal is....

last time i was there, there were a bunch of shitheads dressed up... that mall cell phone pedlar kinda dressed up..

i was there with some friends though... we got there before it started so we had bar seats the whole time and were just getting FUCKED up.. extend the cup, wait for fill, then throw it up.... and repeat.

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