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so bored... I started drinking by myself this afternoon while watching car and mountain biking videos. So far 1 pint of a beer that I "semi-brewed", a Sol, and now I'm working on a Rising Moon by Blue Moon Brewery. And I just decided that putting on my downhill helmet and testing it is a good idea. Haven't worn it in several months since I can't go riding until summer because I'm technically still recovering from my shoulder surgery. I can't wait until summer when I get to ride again. I was only able to get a couple good rides in on my new bike (specialized rockhopper my parents bought me for my 21st bday in DEC). Sorry for ranting going off topic... I'm bored and my GF is 400+ miles away hahaha.

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just escaped a MIP by a matter of seconds. went to chat with my buddy in the hallway, some disapproving folks approaching so i dipped into my room along with 2 other dudes, success :lol: :lol: :lol::ph34r: watched everyone i'd been with all night get fucked through the peephole :o

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