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my night was great.... pregamed at home with

1 double bag

2 tequila shots

had my sister play taxi and drive me to my buddys appartment in town

1 coors light

we walked to the beverage store and i purchased that mini co2 keg in the video

probly had 4 or 5 beers from that

we walked out to the bars

1 switchback

a girl kept texting me to go to a club, so i left my buddys and proceeded to ride solo

meet up with her, went to buy us a couple beers, as i was at the bar some cop started talking to her, and she got kicked out (she snuck in)

so i sat down with my 2 beers on some couch and some sketch black guy named dave asked me what time it was... talked with him for a bit and he told me that "i was chill, and i could totaly be his wingman"

so i drank my 2 beers and started dancing with some girls (i ditched dave btw) i didn't strike out once

so i went to a different club(ran into dave real quick lol) and danced with this cute as fuck blond chick (alittle uneasy about how badly she wanted me, but of course every cute girl has a fat cockblocking friend)...

got like 4 numbers last night.. i was drunk as i think i have ever been...

i honestly dont remember my sister driving me home.. and now i still have a horrible headache... BUT.. i think im going to do it again tonight :D

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