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beer pong okay?

sorry about your sister

She was young dumb and a bunch of cool frat boys( I'm a TKE, so not bashing Greek) tried to get here loaded and take advantage of her.

I get it, it's just dumb playing drinking games with hard alcohol.

Have fun Joey, just be careful :)

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they lied about college, they show you parties, fun, wild night, all we have is fucking work, its 3am, im chilling with my suite-mates drinking brews, doing my Arch. project and writing my english final. Now i went to college parties in high school and most of them were nuts, but once i really got here all we have had to do is a shit ton of work....fuck im just trying to get drunk and not have to do homework at the same time is that too much to ask

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that actually put my sister in the hospital(nearly died).

i don't like hearing stories of kids playing that, do me a favor and don't play that again.

it can get out of hand quickly.

Wow, jesus. I get trashed playing beer pong, I can't imagine vodka pong.

I did try vodka in my cereal once. That was lulzy enough that I haven't felt the need to try it again. :arob:

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just got back from downtown......saw an s60r and i tried to race but i knew i could not keep up...i wiosh i had a turbo so bad. i hagte having people beat mty asss all the time in the na.

Something about the title of this thread and trying to race someone in a downtown city just doesn't jive. Use your noggin' dude. :(

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