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Actually my biggest problem right now is getting my trans fixed so I can stop having to borrow my ma's porsche to get to the golf course on a daily basis...

However, my biggest concern is whether to elect the same old same old who will drive us god knows how much more in debt. Or to elect a virtual unkown with a very unpredictable outcome.. Its really a rough spot to be in.

Back to basics. I call this my "Katrina Doctrine". The gov is there to keep china out. As long as the gov is keeping other countries from coming over and killing us, and keeping our own home grown nuts under control I am happy. If at some point they do something totally egregious that I cannot stand I will move. If your so unhappy leave. I mean thats the best part. You are free to if you want to. This is not N Korea. I really do not care whos president. Nothing they do is going to drastically effect my day to day life. Will it maybe annoy me from time to time? Sure, but its nothing I cannot live with. Something like socialized healthcare on the other hand...... look for me at my place in the Antilles

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Technically, yes. Due to frivilous spending and an out of control government... W. is making the same mistakes his dad did. Why do republicans think that more debt is a good thing? The gov't collects a shitload of taxes. Is it that hard to spend within the budget? This high of a debt means that we are throwing 1.5B$ a day out the window that could be used to say... fight the war on drugs, pay our teachers more, make it so our bridges and levies don't collapse. Or to upgrade our aging sewer systems which are wreaking havic on the environment.

see comment below

Sounds like someone made some bad choices. Personally speaking nothing any president does is going to put me in dept. But on that note, I'm out of turbinado sugar. I am sure in some way the federal governments spending has caused this deficit. Is there was a supply to be had here I would pay a lot for it. Damn it bush. You have irreversibly effected the sugar market in my microcosm.

I agree... if you are in debt for reasons that you CAN control then its your own fault... you could sell your car and pay off debt and buy a crappy fuel effiecent car with the residual amount from your car

Actually my biggest problem right now is getting my trans fixed so I can stop having to borrow my ma's porsche to get to the golf course on a daily basis...

However, my biggest concern is whether to elect the same old same old who will drive us god knows how much more in debt. Or to elect a virtual unkown with a very unpredictable outcome.. Its really a rough spot to be in.

or you could vote for a person that has no idea what he is doing and breaking promises (i hate this cast!!!)

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Maybe he is going to bring koncho to the US.

Two finger gooses' aside, are we asking for a fortune teller, or a President? "What is change?" is a bit rhetorical ... as a politician will say something, then do the opposite later anyways. Why not have a vision for something ... and be elusive in its means and ends?

As what has been said, the above average American isn't going to really notice a difference, and its not like any of us are directly involved in the process anyways. We're so short term in our outllook for the future, most of us don't really care about what happens 8 years down the road, how can anyone know?

I'm gonna change my underwear tomorrow ... or am I?

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Obama would, in fact, govern from the left

By Dick Morris

Posted: 07/08/08 05:46 PM [ET]

The list of issues on which Barack Obama has flipped now that the primaries are over is long and growing rapidly.

• He says he believes in a Second Amendment right to bear arms.

• He now opposes late-term abortion.

• He suddenly is a devotee of using faith-based institutions to deliver public services.

• He now says that he won’t raise Social Security taxes on anyone making less than $250,000 a year. In the primary, he said he’d eliminate the threshold entirely, including on people making as little as $100,000.

• He recently opposed the Fairness Doctrine for talk radio.

• Now he says he’s going to consult with the military before pulling out of Iraq.

But so extensive a list of flip-flops, all in the past few weeks, begs the basic question: Was he lying before when he was a liberal, or is he prevaricating now?

Even if Obama means what he is saying as he moves to the center trying to win the general election, the fact is that he will be forced to move very far to the left should he become president, forced by the liberals in his own party.

If Obama wins, it’s more than likely that he will take office with a Congress filled with Democrats and liberals. Most probably, the Senate will have at least 55 Democrats (including pickups in Colorado, New Mexico, Virginia, New Hampshire and Alaska). And there might be as many as 62 (possible Democratic pickups include Maine, Minnesota, Oregon, Kentucky, Texas, Kansas and North Carolina). The House will, of course, be solidly in Democratic control.

Faced with the same situation in 1993, as he took office as president, Bill Clinton found no alternative but to move dramatically to the left, shelving for the moment his promises of a middle-class tax cut and welfare reform. He had no choice. The Democratic majorities in both Houses served him with notice: Either you stay within the caucus and not cross the aisle in search of support for centrist policies, or we will do unto you what we did to Jimmy Carter when Tip O’Neill turned on him and made his life miserable. Clinton was forced to emphasize healthcare reform over welfare changes and to go with a liberal economic stimulus package capped by big tax increases. The liberal stain sank so deeply into the fabric of his presidency that it caused him to lose Congress in 1994, and almost to lose the 1996 election.

It will be the same with Obama. On all of his basic issues, the Democrats in Congress will hold his feet to the fire and make him govern to the left. On his signature issue of Iraq, he may find himself with a war already won, a democracy already stable and a problem already solved. Nevertheless, he will be forced to rip the scab from the wound and set it bleeding again by bringing our troops home prematurely. His healthcare proposals will be forced far to the left until they amount to a government takeover of the healthcare system. Obama will not be able to govern from the center. His party won’t let him do it.

Ultimately, Bill Clinton’s congressional supporters became his jailers and he morphed from their leader into their hostage. Dependent on every last Democrat to pass legislation in the House and to prevail over a filibuster in the Senate, he found himself pushed further and further to the left until, he told me, “I don’t even recognize myself.” He had to lade his economic and anti-crime package with pork to satisfy urban congressmen and to win their support of a bill that included a federal death penalty.

Obama will not be able to help himself. The Democratic majority in Congress won’t settle for triangulation. They will make the Obama of November into a liar and the Obama of the primaries into an honest man.

Morris, a former adviser to Sen. Trent Lott (R-Miss.) and President Bill Clinton, is the author of Outrage. To get all of Dick Morris’s and Eileen McGann’s columns for free by email, go to www.dickmorris.com . To order a signed copy of their new best-selling book, Fleeced, go to dickmorris.com.

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Eh, Change is Change.


How much worse can everything get?

Change is change. However, there is also good change, and there is bad change. Which change do you want? How do you know which change you're going to get if change isn't defined? You think it's bad now? You have no idea honey, it CAN get much worse.

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