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Pulling & Clearing Codes + Other Issues



as a follow up to the last entry - the electrical portion of the ignition switch didn't solve my instrument panel light problem. Went to dealer to get a new rheostat switch . . . $177!! as i had it out i dropped it too, breaking the slider like a knucklehead. I won one on ebay for 8 dollars, but i am suspicious that when it comes it won't fix the problem.

I did the cabin filter last weekend & ended up having the fuel filter done & seat back cable w/ an oil change. Really didn't need to do the seat back cable but hey.

this week the wife filled the tank and parked in front of the house (we live on a hill). i noticed fuel leak the next morning, seems like the same problems as the threads here w/ fuel tank leaks @ the top of the tank so i need to take a good look to see if i need to replace that hose. Its tooo damn cold out right now though.

I did manager to get out there and pull & clear my codes so here they are recorded.

#A1 - transmission: --- 2, 3, 2 (missing spedometer signal) i believe this is old, previous owner pulled the instrument cluster out to replace lights.

#A2 - engine: --- 2, 3, 2 (long term fuel trim @ idle) & 1, 2, 1 (missing or faulty MAF signal)

#A3 - ABS: ---- 2, 1, 3 (no left rear signal on moving: off) & 2, 1, 4 (no right rear signal on moving: off)

so i'll give it a bit of time & see which come back, may only be the A2 codes.

Have a couple of other issues though that still need to be addressed besides the instrument lights & the fuel tank leak. Still need to solve the scrapping sound in the engine, sounds very much like it is coming from the alternator. I checked the power steering fluid and it is not low. Also, i am still getting a lot of blue smoke @ startup and am going to need to address this as well. I have had to put a bit of coolent into it recently so that may not be a good sign, though i'll keep researching on volvo speed for that issue - flame trap?

i also still need to set by boost controller, so i don't bend any bars.


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