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The First Of Many To Come Online Rants



So I am sitting here trying to come up with an easy to follow photo editing guide and a window pops up telling me I have email. I toggle over to Thunderbird and what do I find? The first 5 lines to Walden Pond followed by a lone link to "buy cialis". FINE. <DELETE> I am used to this kind of low blow marketing. What I did not expect was to click back over to volvopeed and find a new member asking about half shafts only to reply to himself under another username "foud cheepe ones here ^^ thank you" with of course a spam link embedded in the post. A spam link to fiorecet. WTF is fiorecet? More importantly why is someone in Korea on a car site posting about it? I mean if I were a spammer I would target some huge board, or blog site. Or I dunno. TRY TARGETED MARKETING!!!!! If you sell male enhancement pills find a small penis message board. Thats funny is as I write this somebody in Asia., Russia, or Brazil just found this and is thinking, "wow. Targeted marketing. I should post here since its a page dedicated to cialis". The only comfort I take in that is hopfeully a 12 year old catholic school girl will open this page right as a Sister looks over her shoulder to see how her Walden Pond report is coming. Oh, and its official. According to SEO info more people have read about Anna Nicole's death than President Fords. I will save that rant for later though. But if your in some 3rd world sweatshop reading this, I am not mad at you. I hope you make some money for your family spamming me. Can you at least teach me how to say "Were better than the other Volvo site" in Korean?


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