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The Wish List



(note to all, I originally did this as a myspace blog...just figured since it was car related I'd post it in here as well :)

Now, this is only of mods I am contemplating doing, of course getting the car running incredibly beautifully stock is my first priority before I start playin around with things. But...I just wanted to throw my so-far wish list out there so we can all be shocked and amazed at what I wish to do to my volvo.

Tinting and stereo. The stock stereo sucks. hands down. It does not work properly. So I want to upgrade to a mp3 cd player. Now I don't really feel the urge to put in a bug freakin sub or anything, I think I can get away with leaving the speakers stock...and that's fine by me.



on the red wagon...unf. just...unf.

I want to switch over my turn indicators so that they look white...so it just looks cleaner....the back lights I think I'm gonna leave alone...I know at some point in time I'll need a new exhaust tip...the one on now has DEFINATLY seen better days...but I think i'll put that off till I need new muffler anyway. lowering...maybe an inch or two...get some lower profile tires and some sassy rims...MAYBE. Engine work...well...good god. I don't know near enough at this point in time to say exactly what would work best with my car, and what I should be getting...so I'll just say I'm very happy I still have a working turbo and she still has the scoot! I don't think I'll need to do too much to her engine anyway..except replace the turbo when that eventually DOES blow...how many km do those things usually last? and lastly...SUSPENSION AND SHOCKS...ahh...let's stop my car from creaking! I know she's a ten year old car...but I don't like her sounding like one!

That is my wish list as it stands now. Who knows, I may change things later on, I may add or remove things...but as it stands, this is my list.


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