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Grinding/rattling In Front Drivers Side Wheel. Help!



Okay so I have a 2004 Volvo s60, just had it inspected so im assuming this problem doesn't have anything to do with any parts that would need to be good for inspection. It sounds like my front drivers side tire is going to fly off my car >:0. Anyway, its making a grinding noise (pretty loud) as well as a rattling noise when im driving slow speeds or turning left. If i ride my breaks a little bit, the noise instantly goes away, and if the car is in park turning my steering wheel all the way around both ways there is no noise. Has anyone had a similar problem? I really need an idea of what I need fixed before i bring it in somewhere, because i feel like half the time the wrong thing is done & I don't have the money to waste.

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Can you jack up or have a friend with a floor jack lift your driver front side to enable spinning the wheel by hand?  This will help you locate  the source of the grinding/rattling sound.  When this happened to my 2004 T5 S60.  It was the passenger wheel hub bearing.  Had the left and right front hub bearings replaced and the grinding was gone.  The front hub bearings today cost $120 approximately.

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