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About this blog

messing with my daily driver as a first adventure... probably not the best idea, but hey lol

big dreams for this car, we'll see if it gets there though.

Purchased with 418 thousand km, rebuilt title :)



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Replacing the wood grain

Found some interior parts at the junkyard when I was looking for a heater core (didn't find the core) found two of the solid interior parts. Didn't think to take pictures before swapping the glove box (now I need to figure out how to swap the key hole) Only parts I need now is the steering wheel, shift knob, dome light assembly, instrument cluster (already have it, doing when I replace the core) and passenger foot well cover. The trim around the radio is getting swapped with the new receive


VVolfSocks in Progression

Busted bumper... Replacement en route

Bumped a snow bank, shattered my bumper earlier in the year. Not feeling great about it, though I do have a replacement coming in the mail and a few bits from a junkyard. Bumper isn't painted, but I'll be repainting the whole car black when the funds are available. New fenders from a green (I think? Or brown idk I'm color blind) s70, plus a few other parts from it. Fixed my center console and cup holders as the leather was aged and the cup holders were cracked 


VVolfSocks in Progression

First Snow

jeeze, i feel like a new parent right now taking pictures of practically everything... anyway, she got some canadian weather : ) So far, the chill hasnt been too bad. I do need to get a longer extendo cord tho Need some practice with the camera settings, its a process... deffo a new parent


VVolfSocks in General Love

First Post

still learning how this format works lol, posting this again as an entry rather than about Purchased my S70 a couple months ago as a daily, recently started modifying it while it holds that job. it's been interesting, to say the least.   So far, ive added a custom exhaust, rebuilt turbo with an analog gauge, and fixed the odd dents acquired over time.   Currently rocking a spray can red paint job to prevent rust over winter, which will be polished to a consistent shine... eventual


VVolfSocks in Progression

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