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  2. Replaced ac compressor with new unit. Ac will work at startup than stop blowing cool air after 20 minutes. The clutch tries to engage every 15 to 20 seconds but fails. Pressure reads high 60psi to 65psi. Next day ac works fine. Pressure reads 30psi to 35psi. 2006 xc70 ocean race.
  3. Yeah its sad, lots have moved on unfortunately. Forum is still a wealth of knowledge as long as you can find time to sort through it all.
  4. Found myself right down the street from the old JJ Fab location and decided to stop by and check-in - only to see that they're no long there. 1st VS dies off... now this. I can't take much more of these sort of losses.
  5. Man, looking at the top right corner at 'Top Posters In This Topic' matt b khax Chilled Man 7 VII 7 Wonder what those guys are up to. I came in around 2007-2008 right when this thread was created😂
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  7. New rear main seal on the Datsun; It has a CA18DETT of a 180SX with a 18T, pushes around 200hp. First plans (in 2006/07) were to get 300+ with a huge top mount turbo but that didn’t fit in the engine bay, master brake cylinder in the way. Next week we’ll be taking the exhaust manifold off due cracks all round. When all goes well it’s ready for the streets next month.
  8. If you can find me an 18t straight flange, you can have my 16t straight.
  9. In an effort to not get this thread archived. Turned in the CX-5, got a loaded CX-50 for a few dollars more a mo than I was paying for the 5. Incentives on the 50's are crazy, roughly 7500 under msrp.
  10. Brings me joy to hear SDM is still around, thank you for the update.
  11. i saw pretty solid gaines by matching the N manifold to the RN gasket. surely you picked some up too.
  12. i recently came across a brand new, GENUINE VOLVO 850 R bumper. the owner had it painted black with the intention of replacing the broken one on his black 850 R, but sold the car before ever mounting it. i saw it hanging in his shop amongst other random parts and it's been there for over 10yrs we all know these have been discontinued for MANY years now and these almost never come up; what's out there is out there. i purchased it for my low miles, factory 420 paint code car, 5spd.. i figured i'd offer it here 1st before marketplace, where it'll surely go within a day. if i dont get what i want for it, i'll just have it painted and mounted to my car. before anybody throws out an offer, just know i paid $500 for it. what's it worth to YOU?
  13. Not many people left on here, but maybe someone will have a project sitting in the garage that they can take measurements from.
  14. Anybody got a used flywheel/clutch assembly off a late model T5/R they could give me measurements off? I typically frequent Turbobricks since I have a 760, but it's swapped to a 2.5t 5 cylinder so I thought I might have more luck here. Project thread if you're interested: https://www.turbobricks.com/index.php?threads/760-5-cylinder-scratching-a-10-year-itch.341191/ I'm running a bmw 6 speed trans, with a 850 single mass flywheel. I daily this car and I'm over the gear noise and want to swap to a dual mass, but the input shaft is quite short on the GS6-37 transmissions which are designed for a pilot bearing in the flywheel. Anyways, trying to find the height of an assembly flywheel/clutch/pressure plate assembly to the surface of the pressure plate fingers to see if this is even an option for me. Can anyone help me out? Thanks!
  15. Working ECU from my old S70 which I sold a few years ago, has an IPD tune for 15 psi. I have the receipts to show I purchased the tune from IPD back in 2010. Will ship quickly via priority mail for free. I'm in Riverside California if you'd like to meet me somewhere around here to pick it up. I probably wont see your reply here so text me at (9oh9) 44six- 214oh Cheers -Casey
  16. Hey! Running Kw V3, feels great!
  17. Larus have you still got this stuff? please call 706-973-8008 Jeff
  18. anybody know a good pressure plate to go with an 850R clutch? i was able to get just the clutch disc alone. i already know about the sachs 707, but it's crazy expensive
  19. Add pics when you can, sounds like a pretty awesome spread.
  20. Last months we’ve been very busy at Johann’s workshop, aka Area 34. Cleaning, sorting, checking the cars, etc. Status update on Johann’s heritage: - SDM (the OG N/A racecar ☝🏼); runs and drives. Needs a belt (16 years old, but still looks brand new😅). Needs a seat swap, lots of tiny details and a good cleanup. Had a backfire at first start so it became a 2 cylinder while the Jenveys switched in a save mode. Took us a few headaches to find out. It’s loud, it’s fast, it’s nuts. - SD11; 855 with 4T4, M66, VST; sold - 850 Carrier (6 wheeler); failed inspections two years ago. Couple of days work and then it should be good to go. Needs calipers, front axle…Runs and drive. Finding a good place for inspections is hard, it’s a odd size vehicle. Datsun 180b; first run in 12ish years yesterday. Fitted with a new battery and found out that the ignition didn’t work, as we later found out Johann stated that fault in a old topic in 2012. Needs inspection and a new rms. Square tires, limited interior. When the 18t starts to spool at 3000tpm, the earth stops rotating. Crazy little car. D2 (n/a 10v in Porsche green); might become a parts car of the carrier. 850 ERC (CY rallycar) ME7 N/A, to be determined. Opel Blitz with the T5 will be sold without the engine. Really nice to work with Johanns sons and his dear long time friend Zippo (Maarten) on his old projects. ❤️
  21. Thanks! It may be a while before I can get to this.
  22. The fact there are threads like this that are still open from 2018, and others, but yet the one in OT got closed. lol
  23. Honestly I would start by finding your sensor which may even been on the latches themselves, and check the wiring. Could also just be time to replace the latches, which are fairly easy to do and not expensive either so that helps. Keep us posted, im excited to see where this goes.
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