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  2. well how long ago did you get the clutches? where did your guy source them from? far as i know, the 850R clutches haven't been available for over a year now..
  3. Well shit, maybe I got lucky. My local was able to get me 2 without issues. It's sitting next to the still in box spare black R bumper I bought last year, and the new roof trims, in my garage. I've started to just slowly buy replacement parts for the S70 since they've basically dried up in junkyards now.
  4. tell me about it - i'd already had one NIB.. now what
  5. Damn, wish I had known they were going away. I would have bought a backup last year.
  6. nah, i just called TASCA and FCP (im in CT) and they're gone/done: https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/volvo-clutch-kit-850-s70-v70-272218 https://www.tascaparts.com/oem-parts/volvo-clutch-kit-272218
  7. 1971 142E B20 engine with all sensors, ECM, fuel pump, and engine wiring harness, plus manual trans and overdrive, removed from my brother's car about 10-12 years ago, before the rusted-out body went to the crusher. He rebuilt the B20 in the late 90s with .030" over IPD pistons. Also included, an extra transmission/overdrive assembly, AND another transmission without overdrive (these last two have remote shifter extension assemblies that suggest they may have come from a P1800, or a 140-series with aftermarket remote-shift and console ). Also included, the two front bucket seats, the back seat cushions, and a box of small miscellaneous parts (center wheel hub covers, windshield washer reservoir & pump, and whatever else he pulled out before the car left on a truck).
  8. Dealership. Thought you were trying to find a cheap one, not brand new in box. Call Tasca if you're ok with paying retail. Also you could look on Ebay/Amazon/FCP if you call/New they are still very much available.
  9. Found ABS 240 front caliper at VP Autoparts on 2/19/24. Ordered it.
  10. best option stateside is the spherical bearings from BNE Dynamics
  11. I don't think I have ever seen upgraded ones. I wonder if you can find something from another model car that would fit?
  12. Cables onto the gearbox. 😉 totally worn out…
  13. The 850R clutch you can still get new luckily, just bought 2 ironically last week. 1 for me and 1 for a friend. :3 I get hounded for my lip from time to time, but considering they are NLA, ill keep it. Most "rare" items here, you can get from the JPN market fairly readily which is nice. Unfortunately you're after something that most people have probably either lost in their pile of parts, or scrapped with their car at some point. I would 100% definitely try the facebook groups.
  14. This is for the shifter base itself, right? Not the cables.
  15. Hello all, I have a 1991 240 wagon that has a bad front right ABS caliber. I have searched everywhere and now know that the chance of finding a rebuilt 240 ABS caliber is next to none. There are European after-market ones for over $230.00 dollars, but my concern is what if my other 3 ABS calipers need replaced. Rather than continuing the hunt for re-manufactured or the super high prices of European aftermarket 240 ABS calipers, I would like to simply delete the ABS system all together and keep my beloved 240 on the road as a non-ABS. Can anyone please provide a step-by-step instruction on how to delete the 240 ABS system or even better a video of how to do it. If so, will I be able to use my other ABS calipers that are fine when I delete the ABS and replace the bad caliper? Thanks
  16. Years ago I bought brass shifter bushings for my 850 and it was such a great improved. If i remember correctly they’re of a Toyota but now…18 years later I can’t find them anymore🤓 I do find delrin-like bushings but the brass version was waaaaay cheaper (need them for 3 850’s)
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  18. up until a bit over a year ago, i'd had the 850R clutch, i still had the fiberglass lip from the group buy here in 2014, i had a T-5R steering wheel.. i was basically done with P80 and didn't realize how rare this all became. alls i have left for rare part is an OE strut bar.. even BBS propus C are becoming rare and expensive!
  19. Yeah, P80 parts in general are now scarce, once this forum died out, it basically became a skeleton market.
  20. it's crazy how long everything was available and then POOF.. last 5 yrs it's like ALL gone..
  21. Luckily you can replace just the glass, 3x T25's on each side of the inside rails I believe, then just lift it up and back (onto a towel) and drop in the new one. Try local auto salvage shops, or local junk yards. You may have to purchase it as a complete assembly, though I know when I worked at LKQ, when I searched our system for sunroof assemblies, there were more than a few just glass results. Car-Part.com would be a good resource too.
  22. There's still a good bit of lurkers around. Try the facebook group, or even swedespeed though if you're looking to get one quick.
  23. i know i know... it's become a ghost town around here and on top of it - im on here looking for discontinued items! i had a legit 272218 850R clutch kit like a year ago and figured, "i'll never find/have another manual volvo again.." and sold it. honestly, i didn't even know they were discontinued at the time.. how long? this past November i purchased a low miles, 1 owner, minty 420 paint code 850 (yes, in America) and of course it's a factory 5spd NA. it's also a slick top with VVIS intake for a 1995.. cool spec! going to throw on a TTV flywheel and figured i'd do a rear main and upgrade clutch just cause im in there.. i know it's not turbo power, but i want it anyways. my manual swapped T-5R had the 850R clutch and it was butter smooth and took a beating. crank pulley! i had a UR crank pulley on my full bolt-on T-5R as well as an ARD pulley on my old 850 NA 5spd.. despite everyone saying "they'll vibrate your engine and blow it up" and "it throws the balance off" and "it made no difference" lol i'd still like to source either one.. i logged 10s of thousands of miles on lightweight crank pulleys and NEVER had any issues. it's also crazy to say a 1-2lb aluminum pulley isn't *some improvement over the stock 5-8lb pulley in terms of rotational inertia. NA needs all the help it can get - even if it's incremental! hopefully someone will appear through the tumbleweeds and reach out. i hope everyone been well!
  24. I have a 1998 Volvo C70. Something was dropped onto my moon roof and shattered the glass. Where can I get a replacement glass and/or other moon-roof parts. I am based in Massachusetts, but am happy to buy the parts online. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  25. Hi guys. It's been a long time since I have been on here. I am still working on my engine build on my 1999 S70 T5. I have reached a snag. I have a Quaffe LSD and spec stage 3 clutch ready to go in, but my mechanic can't locate these parts to do the job. Part numbers: 9995662 - Compression/Press Tool, Clutch 9995663 - Centering Tool, Clutch Plate 9995675 - Sleeve/Centering Tool, Clutch Plate 9997068 - Counterholder, Self Adjusting Clutch Assembly/Fixation Tool 9997120 - Gear Selector/Gear Segment Can anyone point me in the right direction. Looking to rent or buy. I can pay however you like. I just need these so I can finish my car. My mechanic sent me pictures of what I need, and I have attached them for reference. Thanks for any input or help!
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