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  1. Yeah - but I got his Erebuni front bumper to match my Erebuni side skirts. Now I just need a rear and I'm complete. Scott C.
  2. Sorry to keep you guys hanging. Just I have some things at work that are creating 16-18 hour days for the past couple months. I have been working it piece meal when I can. So as you know, I took that damn dashboard out again. I hate that damn dashboard. I almost gave up on that damn dashboard. The tabs broke again and the upper trim near the windshield is cracked and breaking (on that damn dashboard). I actually have a good dashboard from a '98 S70. Much better construction and material than my damn '97 850 dashboard. Unfortunately, it would need to be heavily modified to fit the good S70 dash in place of my damn 850 dash. There will be a time and place when I replace the entire damn dashboard. 'nuff said. Last night I wrestled that damn dashboard back in. As mentioned, there were a few things I modified in the wires and cables inside that damn dash. I also mounted my Alpine Ipod interface box in a perfect location. Second, I installed the ashtray gauge pod custom made by Owned. Quality product there and sets right under my other three gauges. I got the "A" gauge pod all sorted out. Hey - my oil pressure is already 44 pounds!!! Here is where we stand. Everything is 95% wired up. Interior is pretty much done (again). Sorry to bore you guys will lame stuff like this. I promise there will be some exciting pics coming shortly. Scott C.
  3. Growing up my father used to bring me to the modified races in the North East. Geoff Bodine ran modifieds back then and was always winning, but always cheating too. Back then it was mostly added weights to help the corning and gears. It starts at level and goes all the way up. You gotta think too that the racing mentality is win at all costs and their always thinking up something new and pushing the limit (of the rules). Scott C.
  4. Wednesday night and its 1 am. I just got finished with a few hours under my dash installing the clutch master cylinder. I've been procrastinating on this for weeks if not months so I have I've made a personal breakthrough here. Had to get under the dash unbolt the brake master... then wedge the clutch master into position, then bolt the clutch master from under the dash and finally rebolt the brake master. Simple huh? I don't wish this task on anyone. My hands are torn and my back is killing me! No pictures as it would have only been me with my head up under the dash. Next step, finalize the wiring, etc. in the dash area and then getting the dash installed again (once and for all). Scott C.
  5. Ok - last weekend I pulled the dash again. As I said, I wanted to re-do some of the wiring and run more power into the cabin so never have to think about getting through the firewall again. Now I can run a fuse block inside the cabin and power things. First I ran three strands of 10 gauge through the harness assy and into the cabin. Conveniently a bit of the fuse block was already broken down in the corner and allowed me perfect space to drop down into the cabin. I then mounted a distribution block in a good location. The large 4 gauge runs to the trunk to power a future amp. The finished product. Don't worry - there is a plastic cover that goes over that distribution block. Also notice that I have a new battery try to turn the battery sideways. I will go with an Optima Red Top. More to come tomorrow. Scott C.
  6. I changed plans on the gauges locations, stereo, etc. So, I want to re-wire everything correctly. Plus I need to loosen the master brake cylinder to get the clutch master installed. Much easier without the dash, etc. So - I should have everything back in a couple of days or so. Scott C.
  7. Received my RK Intercooler today complete with hoses, etc. Can't wait for the install. Waffle maker not included. Scott C.
  8. Maybe Chuck can enlighten us a tad here. If the sleeves are easily crackable (..is that a word..), what has AtSpeed done to their GT car blocks to hold 600HP? I think there was a thread deep in the bowels of the board about forged steel sleeves... Any enlightenment? Scott C.
  9. Just a couple of teaser pics guys (and girls). Look for more parts inbound over the next few weeks. We're going to get this project finished!!! Scott C.
  10. My father-in-law gave me 4 cases of Japanese beer!!! Maybe he wants me locked up for DUI or something!!! Scott C.
  11. Damn - and I thought that was a AAA battery!!!
  12. A shout out and a Merry Christmas to all the VS-ers that reads this. If Christmas isn't your thing, Seasons Greetings anyways! Scott C.
  13. Schizzel man - they're charging you for that Penguin Linux???? Scott C.
  14. Major updates all. After much waiting and anticipation, the bottom end of the engine got built today. Doug K hosted and facilitated the event - I made coffee runs and defrosted the refridgerator Anyhoo... here is how the day went. Venti Egg-nog Latte, extra hot. Tediously cleaning out all the bolt threads My what a clean crank you have! Crank set into the block Bottom end put together: Torquing down the block to gap the piston rings. Installing piston and rod assembly We sacrificed a goat over the block to ward off any evil rod spirits Alas - a nice clean bottom end. Stay tuned! Scott C.
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