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  1. it actually happened last weekend. Passed inspections in two attempts. First meeting ever after 47 years. RMS was leaking but when we came back after a few days the floor was covered in oil again. Decided to drop the oil pan, replaced two gaskets and new silicone all round the oil pan. Easier said then done, stripped the engine bay and pulled the engine. Custom subframe, well…everything is custom. He really went full-Johann with the Datsun. Drives like an old car but the engine feels new. It’s runs on a standalone ecu, stockish map doing 0.5 bar boost. Overboost around 6500 but that’s scary. It’s capable of a lot more boost, but it’s ok this way, for now. Met the previous owner last weekend and a lot of Datsun enthousiast. Now on jacks for four new tyres. Next up is the SAM carrier.
  2. Khax, always good for a laugh.😆
  3. New rear main seal on the Datsun; It has a CA18DETT of a 180SX with a 18T, pushes around 200hp. First plans (in 2006/07) were to get 300+ with a huge top mount turbo but that didn’t fit in the engine bay, master brake cylinder in the way. Next week we’ll be taking the exhaust manifold off due cracks all round. When all goes well it’s ready for the streets next month.
  4. Last months we’ve been very busy at Johann’s workshop, aka Area 34. Cleaning, sorting, checking the cars, etc. Status update on Johann’s heritage: - SDM (the OG N/A racecar ☝🏼); runs and drives. Needs a belt (16 years old, but still looks brand new😅). Needs a seat swap, lots of tiny details and a good cleanup. Had a backfire at first start so it became a 2 cylinder while the Jenveys switched in a save mode. Took us a few headaches to find out. It’s loud, it’s fast, it’s nuts. - SD11; 855 with 4T4, M66, VST; sold - 850 Carrier (6 wheeler); failed inspections two years ago. Couple of days work and then it should be good to go. Needs calipers, front axle…Runs and drive. Finding a good place for inspections is hard, it’s a odd size vehicle. Datsun 180b; first run in 12ish years yesterday. Fitted with a new battery and found out that the ignition didn’t work, as we later found out Johann stated that fault in a old topic in 2012. Needs inspection and a new rms. Square tires, limited interior. When the 18t starts to spool at 3000tpm, the earth stops rotating. Crazy little car. D2 (n/a 10v in Porsche green); might become a parts car of the carrier. 850 ERC (CY rallycar) ME7 N/A, to be determined. Opel Blitz with the T5 will be sold without the engine. Really nice to work with Johanns sons and his dear long time friend Zippo (Maarten) on his old projects. ❤️
  5. It’s a huge loss. I enjoyed reading his topics on the different forums over the last weeks, his legacy to the Volvo community. His sickbed was short and heavy, he didnt even have the energy and time for a currywurst, sending his GT3RS nor a stroll through his beloved Area 34. Happy to have met him years ago, he became one of my closest friends. Still a surreal idea him not being there…he was always there.
  6. Emiel

    Project Pras

    When I see the line ‘2 years later’, my brain says it with the SpongeBob voice over… anyone else? 🫣
  7. toilet looks comfy, can't wait to give it a try. j/k, congrats on the beautiful house and S60.
  8. Another testbike...Banshee Rune, from Canada. A enduro so a bit extreme for the Netherlands. Cornerspeed is insane (grip!!) as is the way it goes downhill, it makes it looks so easy. 1*11 is something which i could get used to. Sold the Santa Cruz and the Idworx is in for service.
  9. Little voice in the back of my head...' don't wreck it, don't wreck it...' I do think it's worth it, high end parts, craftsmanship, etc. But yes, a lot of money.
  10. A good friend of mine bought one of the first 11ants Mantis', it's a bike that has been displayed at a few bike shows in Europe, hence the 29" and 27,5"+ wheels. Took it to a trail for it's first ride out in the cold last Saturday. The rear shock needs some adjustment and the different sized wheels aren't ideal, but it was good fun. The Rohloff hub in combination with the Gates Beltdrive is awesome, it works flawless, no matter how muddy it gets. Very stable and the amount of grip is astonishing. A great experience. Would love to try it on my home trail with equal sized wheels one day. Oh...the price..; 10000 usd...
  11. Owned by PON holding, its a interesting company. Owns Cervelo, BBB (bike parts) and Gazelle (mostly roadbike's). Has a big share in the VAG group. It's Dutch btw. It's extremely wet in the Netherlands, a lot of trails are damaged due to the rain which is a shame. Did my home trail last Friday (two dry days in a row...) with the Idworx and it was a blast, it doesn't mind mud, the Santa Cruz on the other hand, everything rattles and squeaks in a few miles...and...fully's are a pita to clean! This is a big thing in my country; https://11antsbikes.com/mantis-2/ The attention to detail is amazing, but so is the price.
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