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  1. Where have you been hiding? I think Mike mentioned you a few days ago which made me wonder.
  2. Merge is complete and stats and search index are rebuilding now.
  3. Since everything is being ported into PHP7 I decided to make my life easier and merge down a few sites. S40 Concepts, S60R and V70R.com are being merged into VS. If you had a paid membership on any of those forums it will carry over. Members originally on VS may see a few errors if you had accounts on the other forums. If you did post it up here and I will address as I can. Permissions and forums are rebuilding now so there will be errors. We are talking over 5 million cells so this will take a while.
  4. Did you shoot the 938 with mag extension? With the flat base mag it does feel undersized if you’re not used to BUGs. If you want a hair larger look at the 1911 sig ultra compact.
  5. FYI glocks are always cocked and they have no manual safety. There is a reason for so many NDs involving glocks. As far as one in the pipe, off duty I seldom carry with one in. Use common sense. 99.999% of the time your threat level is zero. Carrying condition 3 is fine. If you are in parking garage or something, by all means lock and load in the car. At 3m I’m still well under 1.5s to third shot on empty chamber from draw. As for the 938, you can buy them all day long for 550. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/756236101
  6. I have several HKs but all PDW or rifles. The pistol platform I agree is dumb. Hk and Walthers I mag dump on draw. As for kid next to you don’t worry about him. So let’s see some targets!
  7. He took an Uber with a rifle case that said it was a rifle on the side to a school. Sadly that’s how he did it. Uber driver is apparently a moron.
  8. I can write a thousand pages on why I'll never own a Glock. Main reason is I won't carry a striker fire, but there are are several other. If you like Glock though, they are fine if you train on them and are used to them. FYI military went with Sig. As for Glock 19 though, think more like Glock 42. 19 is a PITA to carry. Compacts tend to get left at home and are very hard to conceal in summer. Sub-combacts are where its at. Glock 42 is a .380... it gets the job done but not a fan, but there are other caliber guns in that range. My usual EDC is this P938. Its 9mm and will handle +p Size wise, its about the size of your wallet. I can just carry it in my front pocket and not have to deal with holster or gunbelt.
  9. I don't like to but I can sign off on civilian permits and get asked this all the time. Short answer, no. If you do not feel comfortable around firearms, you should not have one for protection. Carrying is a huge liability. Personally I carry insurance both through work and personal, but its still a risk. I know people that carry 24/7. Outside work I very seldom carry. I might have something in car, but seldom on person.
  10. It passed. Actually debating if we will offer the 130 hour course. Not liability reasons, more ethical. Firearms in school I am fine with, but teachers carrying is beyond moronic. Gonna be a lot of pistols left on the backs of toilets and towel dispensers.
  11. 38.XX seconds. Bolt action - prone I used to handload pistol ammo but its cheap enough again that I do not bother. All my centerfire rifle I hand load though. Anyone who shoots long-range probably handloads. As for others Mike it is a lot more common than you think. For 500 dollars you can buy a progressive press that will do 400-600rds per hour all day long.
  12. Fun printable target for you. I use those for speed drills at 50m with a rifle and 10m pistol.
  13. I want to start this out as an open informed dialog about what has been forced to the front page of every major news outlet. Gun control in America has been a hot button issue for decades. Every time an event makes the front page people rush to pass laws or form opinions on what needs to be done. Just as I do not believe there is any simple one answer, I do not believe any one person can be non-bias. For that reason I am asking you to think for yourself from an analytical perspective and hopefully learn something. As many of you know, I am pro-firearms in many ways. That said, if there was a magic button that we could push that would make all firearms go away for ever I would vote to push it. Not a popular opinion with many, but I am not so blind that I cannot understand that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Knowing there is no magic button, what is the answer? I am not going to pretend there is one, but the closest we will ever get in my opinion is understanding. Understanding what makes violent people carry out violent acts. Understanding why the pro-firearms people think the way they do. Understanding why the firm anti-firearm groups feel the way they do. Having already admitted that I am incapable of total non-bias, I will do my best to highlight well established facts or statistics in red and my straight opinion in blue. So the begin, how would I summarize my stance. First off, I am not an NRA member. I never have been because a good deal of the time I do not agree with how they conduct themselves. The NRA is a very old organization, that I feel a lot of people view as the archetype for firearm owners. From a socioeconomic standpoint, I do not feel like I fit the traditional mold of the NRA. Even if I am an outlier, does the NRA represent the average firearm owner? Statistically they do not. There are an estimates 5-7 million active NRA members. With an estimated 120 million plus firearm owners in the US, you quickly see the NRA is a very small sample. Having said all that, I do think the NRA is a good organization that is constantly trying to improve and adapt to a constantly changing landscape. On the other side, its harder to assign a single face of voice. There are lots of anti-firearms groups out there. Much like the pro-firearm group their opinions and demands span a large spectrum. Everything from tighter background checks to a total ban. I have no idea what percentage want a total ban, but I will assume most do not. The middle ground probably champions something more like the 1994 assault weapons ban. While passed with good intent, the 1994 AWB was executed poorly at best. A lot of people believe that under the 1994 AWB assault weapons were ban for sale. This is not true for two reasons. First, any weapons with a serial number before 1994 fell under a grandfather clause. Second, AR15s (insert any AW style rifle here) was still fully legal to manufacture and sell as long as it only had 2 of the 5 qualifiers. EX. you could have a AR15 built new as long as you gave up a bayonet mount and say a flash suppressor. Would the ban have actually been effective had they done a total ban on certain weapons? No one can answer that. Now I want to address two points that always seem to be lost in all the noise. School shootings are becoming more common. (Sorry pro-firearm people) Violent gun crime is at a 50 year low according to DOJ and FBI. (Sorry anti-firearm people) To the first the data is a scatter plot with low confidence. To further complicate it you have the data salted with suicides and gang related violence. Overall though, I feel it can be common ground between both groups. School shootings are on the rise. Now the second point. This one is more established and even with suicides gun deaths are declining. Could it decline faster? Maybe, and that would be great. What seems to be lost though, is that it is declining not rising. This should be another point both groups can agree on. Along the same lines is the often echoed statement that the US has one of the highest gun homicide rates in the world. This is 100% true. What is often lost though, is we are right on par with the rest of the world on homicide rates. The take away… We are not really any more violent of a society than the rest of the world. We just have guns available to us. So could be do more to prevent gun crime? Of course we can. Will it have any measurable effect? Personally I do not think so, but that does not mean we should not try. As one more aside I will add this. Someone will inevitably ask why I own firearms. Aside from the ones I own for work, I own them for one of two reasons. My family has a farm and there are animals that are dangerous to the horses out there. Second, I enjoy them. Some of my best memories in life are shooting with my father or grandfathers. I did it as a boy, and most recently over the winter holiday. Personally I feel blesses to be able to share that memory with three generations. As always chime in. Keep it civil and factual, but lets have a talk. We all know nothing will be solved here, but hopefully we can achieve some understanding.
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