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  1. Because hopefully you have a bunch of notifications in your inbox now.

  2. Eh not concerned about doing the work thats the easy part. Finding the right parts these days seems to be the hard part.
  3. Did you end up getting a full P# list together for all the bushings you replaced ? Also about how much ? Just picked up the laser 99R and thinking of doing all the same stuff to it.
  4. Just Texted Lucas .... hes slow to respond if at all sometimes.
  5. I think the rear bumper is mounted kinda like the front bumper with those brackets. You should be able to grind them off and put new brackets in ? ( its been awhile since I chopped a car so .. )
  6. Id buy a FWD car and swap the FWD rear end in and delete that mess :D How hard was it to remove all that Jazz?
  7. Not possible. - Well you could but gas tank wiring and all ..... pass
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