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  1. Did the following today: install new polyeurathane bushing & upper firewall motor mount. changed oil with Mobil 10w30 syntec blend. used mann oem filter. tomorrow: fuel filter. inspect spark plugs. add coolant to expansion tank.
  2. pahhhoul

    My 850

    Pix of my 93 850GLT
  3. Well, it's Friday 4-20-07 and I wanted to take my 850 to work. Especially after I've finished installing the new MOMO steering wheel & shift knob. However as I left the house & looked at the driveway, my sister has blocked the driveway exit with her Land Rover. STUPID SISTER of mine! I wish she'd park on the street like a normal person. I hope she gets a ticket soon for parking the way she does. Well I guess it's better off that I didn't drive the 850 since I still need to do a tune up.
  4. :angry: This sucks! I'm out Sunday getting groceries @ Safeway. When I return to my car I notice like 5 little nicks on the passenger side where I shopping cart has scratched & chipped paint of. A$$holes! I thought my tan colored Volvo would be left all alone. I guess not. Now to get it painted when i get some $$$.
  5. That blue is nice! Super clean! what kind of rims are those?
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