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  1. why oh why cant we all just pick a side and fight?
  2. i had a guy give me lip at the pump yesterday for driving a pickup. then he found out that my pickup got the same mileage as his old minivan. then he found out that i ride my bike if i want to get anywhere. then he found out that i use alot less gas than him and most people in general. then he shut up.
  3. there are people who are gouging, but there are actually hotels in my area at home where the managers have taken a hit at least in the first two weeks, to help people get settled. same thing with an apartment complex...
  4. by the way, not everyone is staying in tents. i went home two weekends ago to help out. know where i went? a hotel that was offering extremely low rates to victims. i also went to a camp that was housing 500 refugees that was pretty darn nice. not tents. sure they are in cabins, but they are new, clean, air conditioned, and quiet. in fact, there are a whole lot of people staying in hotels, and some apartment owners are opening up their empty units to house refugees for either very cheap or for free. also churches in teh area are paying for peoples stays in apartments or extended stay hotels as well as taking in massive donations of food and clothing. two weeks ago, on 12 hours of notice, i saw a portable filled to the ceiling with a small aisle down the middle of just FOOD. PEOPLE are responding. the government is not capable of making sure everyone is fat and happy. and this isnt nessicarily an indictment of anyone here, but instead of complaining, why doesn't anyone do something to help out? WE are the nation, not the politicians in washington. WE have just as much responsibility if not more to help out than the government does. that's what self governance is all about...well partially. it's a terrible awful situation. it's not the end of the world, and not everyone is sleeping on the ground.
  5. you just have to get into the mindset that most everything is our fault. if you choose that worldview, not much is a mystery anymore. objective reality is an awful thing, because individuals must find creative ways to circumvent it, lest image control for your side go lax. i know this topic was not originally about conservative vs liberal, but there does seem to be an inkling of a debate going on of how fox news is trash because they poked fun at canada, which quickly morphed into how it is a republican news machine. people can stand in their ivory towers all day shouting at other people in their ivory towers, and it perplexes me. asinine, if you want to talk about comparing nazi germany's rise to imperialism and america's rise to imperialism, you've got another thing coming. please don't spout off about how we are nazis, and bush is hitler, unless you truly desire to look like a red hot imbecile. i can totally see how alot of people are pissed off at bush and how alot of people hate america, but don't draw the nazi inference. the main difference is, for one, the last war of expansion was the spanish american war, which was a century ago. but if you think imperialism is the pervading attitude of the day, explain the absense of extra stars on our flag for france, germany, italy, half of the countries in north africa, japan, korea, kuwait, afghanistan, iraq, etc. there is a great difference between wars of annexation and wars of occupation. also, the united states became considered a superpower in about one generation, which was the WWII generation, which had no connection to wars of annexation. oh, one more thing, the last territorial war we fought, explain how the philipines and cuba are still american territories?
  6. has anyone figured out that cable news in general is trash? *bandwagon time* -- fox news sucks, it's all republican propoganda, but every other cable network is great and unbiased!! hey if yall want your opinions fed to you, keep your eyes glued to that tube, doesn't really matter what channel you watch. also don't forget to pour over the op-ed pieces in the papers and on the net for opinions that you can claim as your own, either. Limbaugh is a conservative? holy crap!!!!! -so does this mean that all of the information he pulls up will be in favor of his side of his argument??? -- that was a rhetorical question, don't answer that, but now is your time to get really pissed off and rant for a while but since limbaugh is a conservative, that means that al franken and michael moore are even-keeled liberals who mantain a professional perspective that is right down the middle, and the middle just happens to be the left. now, what i want everybody to do is to pick a side, doesn't matter if it's right or left, because the arguments will suck just as badly either way. i want you to make this thread continue for two, maybe three more pages of bashing the following people: bush, limbaugh, coulter, tony snow, al franken, bill clinton, al gore, and any other blowhard you can think of. but the trick is, which isn't really a problem here, you must use someone else's opinion and claim it as your own, and only present facts that are in your favor, because you have chosen a side, and refuse to look at things objectively. you cant let your TEAM down, you know? objective evaluation of government is out the window, it's us vs them. ready set go
  7. D- rock on question: why is it a demerit to ban lawsuits against firearm manufacturers?
  8. he railed on the liberals as much as he railed on the legalistic conservatives...look at the saducees for reference, not just the pharasees. he was bringing back to life what had been taught in the first place, and denounced the burden that the pharasees were putting on the Jews...if that's what you are referring to when you speak about going against the conservative culture.
  9. well, it never mentioned a 1.0 correlation...just noticed some kind of link :)
  10. that's interesting stuff...dont' know how well the research was conducted, but it looks like it shows some semblance of a link. my family is definitley republican and we definitley have three pickups - two f-150s, and a super duty. we also have an accord...what does that mean? :ph34r:
  11. concerning organized religion, i cannot think of any organization that Christ himself detested more than the outward show of religion. the Bible, old and new testaments are full of statements that follow this. being "religious" does not make you a Christian...being a good person in and of itself doesn't make you a Christian...going to church does not make you a Christian, and anybody who says so is deviating from what Jesus taught (if you want examples of this, pm me and i can show you from the Bible). Christianity is not a list of do's and don'ts and if someone were to boil it down to that, i do not know what version of the Bible they are looking at. in the words of Christ, the essence of Christian life is this: "to love the Lord with all your heart, mind, and soul...to love your neighbor as yourself, because all the law and all the prophets hinge on these." you do those, and everything else falls into place. as far as doctrine is concerned, the Gospel is this: that all men are born into sin, and a person with the stain of that cannot be with God. the only way for forgiveness of sin is belief in Christ, who was a sacrifice for sin..."for as through one man's disobedience(adam) the many were made sinners, even so through the obedience of the One the many will be made righteous." faith, as you guys have put it is at the heart of it, and the end of it. Christ said so Himself. i am better than no man, and if anyone, professing to be Christian should say they are better than you, they are stepping outside the bounds of the Bible. i have nothing in which to boast, except for what Christ has done for me. if someone should preach morality, they are stepping outside of the Bible. if someone should preach health and wealth, they are stepping outside of the bounds of the Bible. what the Bible does say is that everybody is in the same boat, and the only way out is through grace by faith in Christ. practicing all the religion in the world will not get you to heaven, and neither will going to church. i'm not thumping anyone over the head, just stating what i believe, and i will not judge anyone's soul or tell anybody they are going to hell. mainly, because i can't tell someone's heart, but also because Christ said to not judge. Charles, i really appreciate your honesty, and i prefer it a whole lot more than people who fly under the banner of religion with false pretense and hypocracy (not to say that i have never been guilty of this). if anyone wants to talk, i am more than willing, and i can guarantee that i'm not going to judge. yall have an awesome day.
  12. just for the record, it is possible to do research on the internet. academic journals that have been published online are reputable
  13. rich, i am in agreement with you. and as far as that graphic, i hate crap like that. American evangelicalism has cheapened Christianity by turning the Gospel into pure morality. the people that Jesus himself got along the worst with was two factions in the Jewish church, the pharasees and the saducees. i cant think of any other modern day group that more resembles the pharasees than the mainstream american evangelicals. they put a burden on people that is not what the Bible talks about. the entire Gospel revolves around loving Christ, not going to church, listening to Christian music, watching awful and corny Christian movies, wearing shirts with ripped off ideas, or any other crap like that. i went to a private Christian high school which was exactly like that. they encouraged people to not listen to bad music or watch bad movies, and basically suggested that Christians remove themselves from the culture and sit in ivory towers, and not smoke or drink. the saduccees were the complete opposite...basically said that truth does not exist, etc etc etc the Gospel is so intensely personal, and it pains me to see people on tv and on street corners condemning people to hell. don't get me wrong, my faith is my life, and i am living a changed life. i definitley do not think that Christianity should be forced on people, because it can't. only the outward practice of it could be possibly be enforced, but i cannot think of anything worse than an entire society of people acting like they are Christians...i had enough of that in high school. you can't regulate people's faith. i do however find it frightening that Christianity is being removed from all public arenas. there have been plenty of stories that have circulated around that are kinda shocking that these things could be happening in the united states.
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