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  1. "A stereotypical Volvo driver is a tweed adorning, beard sporting, golf playing, thick glasses wearing, caravan towing, octogenarian, retard, with all the reaction speed of an extremely slow evolutionary process! Just the sort, who should’ve had their driving licence taken from them years ago." do I even own any tweed? or sport a beard? and god knows I suck at golf... why the hell am I driving a volvo? lol jk. that was good for a laugh though. Honestly, he should replace Volvo with SUV though.
  2. alright so now I gotta ask, what equipment do you have?
  3. there is a point being made with the proper maintenence bit there. Then again, I just don't like GMC cause I remember my parents bought a Safari back when I was young...nothing but problems from day one. It's possible we were the exception, but, I just don't trust GMC
  4. boourns. they made good cars. if they bought it back out again i'd probably consider getting another volvo once I drive mine into the ground (hopefully many many many years from now)
  5. "To my knowledge, we are not in negotiations with anyone about the future of Volvo," Hoyt said. hmm...so to his knowledge they are not in negotiations with anyone. currently. still, this came from somewhere, it has to be a thought in some peoples minds.
  6. meah makes you fee any better, I've driven a 69 mach 1 mustang. (tis daddy's car, I've helped him do some work on it over the years) sadly, she is an automatic... I've driven two six-speeds. Test drove a versa (before my parents were saying they were going to sell me the volvo...I needed a cheap car...god I felt dirty after that drive, apologies to anyone who owns/drives one) and that was a six speed...really should not have been....and when my car was getting the brakes done, my friend let me take out his acura rsx...six speed again. I learned how to drive on a stick corolla. that's only five! lol but yeah, you're right, compared to everyone else I guess I am a driving n00b. I only started driving just shy of my 18th birthday. got my g2 right before my 19th (ontario people know what that means, everyone else it's your basic 365 probationary, where you can't have ANY booze in you, everyone's gotta be buckled in...you're apparantly not supposed to drive out of province (oops) and all sorts of other fun stuff) and I got my full G (full licence...) when I was...20-21ish. So yeah, I've only been driving almost six years. how dare I be born in 83. and enough of an immauture brat that my parents would not let me get my g1 (learner's permit) when I was sixteen lol ;)
  7. for some strange reason I prefer five speeds. Maybe I'm wierd. And maybe it's cause five is what I'm used to give me a six and I go wtf?!?! what is this extra gear??? this isn't reverse!!! (no, actually, I haven't done that...don't worry)
  8. what does BMW have to do with Nissan??
  9. So not only can I say I drive a pre-ford, I can say I drive a pre-whoever buys out volvo. Honestly though, I will run screaming if Hyundai or however you spell em buys. or gm. Volvos across the world will have peeling paint! and what once was known as being a very reliable car....well...I somehow doubt you'd see a hyundai OR GM volvo with as many clicks on it as mine.
  10. dang. Most I've done is 194 kmph. I am so happy cops ignore my car!
  11. You know, how do they decide which mods are "for street racing" I mean honestly. Pity I didn't stay in Ontario, I would have LOVED to work for a lawyer who would be defending those claims. I wonder what would happen if a car came in from a different jurisdiction (ie Quebec...Gatineau has too many poorly modded cars) would they have the authority to seize and crush then? I mean come on, for some people, car modification is an art form. Sure, having your car with more get up and go is a definate bonus, but, doesn't mean they all drive like donkeyholes (yes I'm censoring myself now so that filter thing doesnt have to) I just love how they say that modded cars are a dangerous weapon, capable of causing catastrophic damage. FOR CRYIN IN THE MUD A BLOODY YARIS is a dangerous weapon. ANY CAR is a dangerous weapon. If they want to strike out against wreckless driving, I suggest they watch for PEOPLE DRIVING CARS LIKE IDIOTS. That being said, if someone wrecks and ignites some NOS that ain't gonna be pretty. But if someone wrecks and ignites the gas tank, well, that ain't pretty either. My $0.02 on this matter is, okay, if the modded car is driving like an idiot, then yeah, punish them. If they are driving well, and not breaking any traffic laws, LEAVE THEM ALONE. I gotta wonder, where this insanity in Ontario is going to end. First the pitbulls (trust me you do not want to get me started on that rant, I completely disagree with banning ANY breed based upon their breed...I believe the owners need to be held liable for their dog's actions and if you are a negligent owner in the way that you do not properly supervise your dog or train your dog, then you should not own one. Some dog breeds ARE more challanging to train than others, I'm not going to say otherwise. But you can do research on the breeds and if you don't have the time or knowledge to properly train a more high energy or high maintenence dog (rotties, sheepdogs, german shephards, etc) THEN DON'T GET ONE) and now the hey...your car has new rims...WE'RE GONNA CRUSH IT! (somehow I have the strange feeling it's gonna get down to that. How do they decide how souped up is souped enough to be crushed?
  12. (note to all, I originally did this as a myspace blog...just figured since it was car related I'd post it in here as well Now, this is only of mods I am contemplating doing, of course getting the car running incredibly beautifully stock is my first priority before I start playin around with things. But...I just wanted to throw my so-far wish list out there so we can all be shocked and amazed at what I wish to do to my volvo. Tinting and stereo. The stock stereo sucks. hands down. It does not work properly. So I want to upgrade to a mp3 cd player. Now I don't really feel the urge to put in a bug freakin sub or anything, I think I can get away with leaving the speakers stock...and that's fine by me. Grill... http://volvospeed.com/vs_forum/index.php?s...8792&st=200 on the red wagon...unf. just...unf. I want to switch over my turn indicators so that they look white...so it just looks cleaner....the back lights I think I'm gonna leave alone...I know at some point in time I'll need a new exhaust tip...the one on now has DEFINATLY seen better days...but I think i'll put that off till I need new muffler anyway. lowering...maybe an inch or two...get some lower profile tires and some sassy rims...MAYBE. Engine work...well...good god. I don't know near enough at this point in time to say exactly what would work best with my car, and what I should be getting...so I'll just say I'm very happy I still have a working turbo and she still has the scoot! I don't think I'll need to do too much to her engine anyway..except replace the turbo when that eventually DOES blow...how many km do those things usually last? and lastly...SUSPENSION AND SHOCKS...ahh...let's stop my car from creaking! I know she's a ten year old car...but I don't like her sounding like one! That is my wish list as it stands now. Who knows, I may change things later on, I may add or remove things...but as it stands, this is my list.
  13. On Pras' hot little red wagon....the grill...with the red volvo logo. Also...the lights! the white out on the turn indicators...how does that work do you now have white flickers or are they different bulbs now or what?
  14. they're beautiful....man if I can get mine looking HALF that good I'll be happy! I gotta say, (i'm gonna be girly here and notice some cosmetics) the grill...where did you acquire the black grill and how much did that kill you? I honestly like that look. And if you said earlier on, I'm sorry...i gotta read more of the forums, I'm still trying to catch up ;)
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