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  1. back, for a few weeks

  2. freeskier8585


  3. i dont have horns anymore, thats what fingers are for
  4. i doubt they are lighter than my BBS's, however im tired of people hating on the wood in these cars, mine came with the wood interior stock, it looks nice. Volvos are luxury cars, luxo's dont have cf in every single orfice. The knock was nothing against you, i just dont like chrome rims on a car where the only other "chrome" is the badges and the grille.
  5. yea i had mine there for a year, and the only thing left was the socket they plugged into, not a good spot for them.
  6. go to any auto parts store and ask for bosch copper FR7DC plugs
  7. yea i kinda figured, hence i got in on that kingsborne wires too, but mine wont be here until the 31st. I was at Mtn Warfare School when that group buy took place. <_<
  8. hey so i went to swap plugs today after doing engine mounts and BAM, ive lost my gapper, so i get to go buy one tomorrow. Also pulled the plug wires, and my sweet kinda new bosch cables showed signs of shitty ness... cyl 2 had this browning to the plastic, awesome, good thing i got in on that wire group buy, too bad they arnt here.
  9. that is because no one loved them at little volvos
  10. kev- it was at night...almost cold and everything that makes the sparky go spark has less than 10,000 miles on it
  11. Good old blow out? Thats what i was thinking, ill switch them out today and let you guys know whats up... recomended gapfor high boost, was it .023?
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