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  1. I contaced a friend of his on the board and now they sent me a tracking number. Hopefully there will be some wires showing up next week. Thanks for the email address.
  2. Does banned mean no access at all? So far it looks like HtownTurboBrick ripped me off, but I'd at least like him to be able to respond to PMs which he does once in a blue moon. If he had a personal email available that would be cool, but he doesn't have one listed. I don't get why he does ok with like 30 people and then takes my money and runs. He gave me a story about how they shipped the wires to the wrong address and got them returned and promised to send them out again, but that was over a month ago. I can deal with a few days, but this has been going on for months now.
  3. You can firm up the front pretty well with the adjustable shocks. On full soft they aren't too bad, but if you crank them down you will have a bumpy ride up front. I have only had the rears set at about 1/3 setting and that gets fairly rough in the back. I also have 1.4" lowering springs which probably adds a little bit to the rough ride. It is still very tolerable, but you notice bumps more. I'm sure the poly bushing, strut bar and IPD sways also add to the stiffer ride.
  4. These definitely look like a great deal. I'm not sure on the color yet (6000K for now), but mark me down for an Xtec 35W kit. I don't recall off the top of my head, but H7 is the low beam correct? 6. Inlineturbo (Tony) Xtec 35W 6000K H7.
  5. You can take just about everything you just said and change Republican for Democrat. The large amount of non education and non thinking is the only thing keeping Democrats in any kind of power. I used to not care at all until about 2003 when the absolute stupidity and outright lies being told in the media got me to start paying attention. It was then I realized that most of what I heard on the news is B.S. and a lot of it very one sided. I quit even thinking CNN was a news organization because of their total lack of objective reporting. The Core value of the conservative party is common sense. It works really well. That is why people tend to vote that way. Because if you live long enough you realized that common sense gets you through things. You won't find much common sense in today's Democratic party. You will find race baiters (Jessy Jackson, Al Sharpton), radical leftists (Nancy Pelosi, Teddy Kennedy, Chuck Schumer), and people who will insult your intelligence on a daily basis (John Kerry and a host of others). Most people think voting Democrat is 'Cool' and 'the thing smart people do.' When really it is just a bunch of people trying to make themselves feel better and not accomplish anything, but taxing the rest of us to death. Oh, and taking away our guns. Because taking the guns away from lawful citizens therefore making sure only unlawful people have guns will make us more safe. Just ask Britain how that is working out. They have an anti-gun, socialist, cradle to grave utopia going on over there. Not to mention unemployment problems and massive crime issues. The problem with today's democrats is they are extremely liberal. They think that is what it takes to get them elected because it polls well. Guess what? The people inventing the polls and the people they are polling are a bunch of liberals which makes the poll pretty much useless. It may play well in New York or the PR of Kalifornia, but the rest of the country can see what a mess those states are. Not to mention if all you do is lead by polls then you aren't leading. Liberalism doesn't work. It has never worked in the history of the planet. It has been tried several times and has failed every single time. Rome, Solviet Union, China, N. Korea and a host of others going back centuries. They all either fell apart or are crumbling apart at the seams under the weight of their own governments. No thanks. I'd rather stick with capitalism and freedom. Amen to that. You are given a choice to either work hard and earn or not. Some people get lucky and don't have to work to earn. That is fine. Some people can't work. That is also fine as that is a small part of society. I have no problem helping them out. The rest who don't want to work, but are perfectly capable will just have to see how that works out for them.
  6. Not necessarily a Republican, but I vote that way because the alternative is not good. If 'Republican' was still synonymous with 'Conservative' then I'd join the party, but they don't seem to be anymore. The whole system took a left turn in the 60s and just kept going. Reagan stemmed the tide for a few years, but today's Republican's don't seem to stand for squat. At least in the Senate anyway. I know of a couple of Hard Core conservative Volvo drivers. There are probably a lot of them lurking out there. :)
  7. Now that is funny. The reason Clinton is brough up all the time is because he was a lying sack of excrement. He lied about just about everything and all the Democrats were just amazed at how well he lied. He is still idolized by the Democrats. Now that they are out of power it is Bush lied, Bush lied, Bush LIED! Unfortnately they can't seem to come up with proof of any, but keep repeating the mantra because if they repeat it enough times it must be true, right? Bush may not be the ideal president, but compared to Clinton (either one) he has a squeaky clean record. Good or bad he at least tells the truth about what he is doing. As much as a president can anyway.
  8. The best was the Saturday Night Live skit where they impersonate Chirac and come down with the full force of the French government on the rioters by..................... Surrendering. :monkey:
  9. Wang Dang Sweet Poontang what a good idea. :)
  10. Guilty or not lets wait for a trial. I don't know much about Delay other than he kicked a lot of butt in Texas and the Dems down there are mad as heck. The same prosecutor indicted another Republican right before an election and the case was thrown out. From what it sounds like the only reason for this indictment (which has since been pretty much nullified as complete crap) was that the Republicans have a rule that if a leader gets indicted they have to step down for a while. What I find totally funny is people like Nancy Pelosi who have been caught doing the same thing (only worse) are out giving speaches about a culture of corruption in the Republican party. Oh the irony. Or is it hypocracy? http://www.rollcall.com/pub/49_75/news/4293-1.html http://myopiczeal.blogsome.com/2005/04/06/...f-nancy-pelosi/ To me this is just another pile of doggy doo for the Democrats to step into. Remember Pelosi and other democrats screaming about Delay and his supposed golfing trips paid for by lobbyists. Turns out Pelosi had a trip from the same guy. Whoops. Turns out Democrats were by far the worst offenders about not declaring their travel paid for by lobbying groups. Double whoops. Do they really think we are so stupid to believe that we won't check facts? The Democrat party, insulting the intelligence of America on a daily basis. Too bad the Republicans aren't much better. :angry:
  11. If Tom Delay (or really insert ____ here that happens to be called conservative or republican) is the biggest jerk on earth where does that leave Jesse Jackson? Biggest asshole in the solar system?
  12. Seems that we have a Christopher Walken fever and the only cure is more cowbell. I like Christopher Walken, but I have a hard time taking anybody seriously who makes violent action movies about killing people and using guns to do it then turn around and bash guns. Did anybody else who watched Wedding Crashers think Christopher Walken was going to have Vince Vaughns balls adorning his mantlepiece before the movie was over?
  13. I'm your average Catholic and I've never even heard of that piece of toast until now.
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