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  1. Oh nice, yeah nice kid. That would explain a lot I saw something about a VW on Adam's Facebook.
  2. So whats been going on lately? Kevin still rubbing dogs off in the back of a BMW dealership?
  3. Yeah, long time. I am almost 9 years with my current company. I am done with masters, son is 2 and another one on the way. I was trying to get the 850R ready for sale but most likely will do this Spring/Summer. Easier to work on it and get it detailed than in the winter with sand and salt.
  4. Yes. Same company (until I pay off my masters through them, Dec 2015) just a different client. My current client is shitting themselves when they found out I was leaving since I have been here for 8 years.
  5. I got a new job, this should be interesting.
  6. I have a Volvo remote for my radio/6 disc CD changer, is that rare?
  7. I did not know you were that old Eric... that water looks awesome though.
  8. Honestly, did you think it was going to go smoothly or at least better than this? Are there any govn't programs that come in at budget or just a little over and on time?
  9. http://www.businessinsider.com/house-obamacare-bill-vote-keep-your-plan-fred-upton-2013-11 What a fucking mess. ...and scumbags "All but three Republicans voted for the bill. And 39 Democrats broke ranks with the White House to vote for the bill, fearing a "no" vote could be politically damaging in the 2014 midterm election."
  10. He has improvements but will always have some issues. He still does triathlons and bikes a lot, his issues are mainly visual and I think some head injury stuff. The ACA would not have been perfect for him.
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