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  1. The fact there are threads like this that are still open from 2018, and others, but yet the one in OT got closed. lol
  2. Honestly I would start by finding your sensor which may even been on the latches themselves, and check the wiring. Could also just be time to replace the latches, which are fairly easy to do and not expensive either so that helps. Keep us posted, im excited to see where this goes.
  3. Been pulling my car in and out of the garage a lot lately. It has not gone further than 20 feet, but like, that's exciting.
  4. Good luck, looks like a fun project for someone and a great deal. If you were closer I might have considered it myself.
  5. Whatcha driving? I'm in the market for one in the next few months, nixed polestar after I struggled to charge the loaner.
  6. I find picking the right fart tone on a tesla to be one of the most challenging part of owning an EV. Though the lack of lvl 2 chargers in the central Florida area also make it nearly impossible to own one myself.
  7. What a fucking shit show this race is. Corrupt Nicky dropped out. Looks like it will be big bad orange guy vs worthless racist escaped alzheimer patient. And you have Hillary gaining ground and popularity again, as if everyone just forgot how absolutely horrible she is O.o We doing anyone but biden this time around?
  8. You can post in the Florida Volvo Community fb group if you want to, with what all is there and if anyone is looking for something. We have quite a few of the VCOA group in the FLVC group who would be your target audience mostly.
  9. I actually got them through the dealer. You may just have to call your dealership to check from time to time, its like pre-painted P80-70 R bumpers, they still come in from Sweden, just only like 20-30 a year depending on sales.
  10. Well shit, maybe I got lucky. My local was able to get me 2 without issues. It's sitting next to the still in box spare black R bumper I bought last year, and the new roof trims, in my garage. I've started to just slowly buy replacement parts for the S70 since they've basically dried up in junkyards now.
  11. Dealership. Thought you were trying to find a cheap one, not brand new in box. Call Tasca if you're ok with paying retail. Also you could look on Ebay/Amazon/FCP if you call/New they are still very much available.
  12. The 850R clutch you can still get new luckily, just bought 2 ironically last week. 1 for me and 1 for a friend. :3 I get hounded for my lip from time to time, but considering they are NLA, ill keep it. Most "rare" items here, you can get from the JPN market fairly readily which is nice. Unfortunately you're after something that most people have probably either lost in their pile of parts, or scrapped with their car at some point. I would 100% definitely try the facebook groups.
  13. This is for the shifter base itself, right? Not the cables.
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