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  1. Responding to a 6 year old post and his advice is to tell the original poster to reach out to a forums, while on a forum.
  2. Damn, wish I had known they were going away. I would have bought a backup last year.
  3. I know a year ago I could get it at FCP.
  4. I don't think I have ever seen upgraded ones. I wonder if you can find something from another model car that would fit?
  5. It is a huge loss for us. I loved reading the chronicles and watching his in car videos.
  6. ZipZap
    Hope your well. 


    1. Zappo


      Working too much and no time to work on the car, so normal?  :)


    2. RobT5M


      Feel that in my soul, especially with the new baby lol.  

  7. There are always far better candidates, but the old as fuck people voting in the primaries dictate who we are stuck with.
  8. I want to see it launch Tie Fighter drones.
  9. And others have abandoned him for Trump 2.0...
  10. They are relatively cheap to replace, so do it. If the toe has gone neutral, the car will wander more than if there is the normal slight toe in. Toe alignment issues will case excessive tire wear. I replaced mine in December because of toe issue, and the rear bushing on both were worn out. I am on my 3rd set since owning the car, but I do have a lot of miles on it.
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