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  1. downloading what other cars are in it lol
  2. ok well dam hot out today but rather then lay around the house i have pulled both my seats perhaps i shoulda left my drivers one alone but eh anyhow the passenger side is not as bad as the driver side upan closer look but still i need to go beef up my structur as my door closes bit stiff like the other side was doing hopefully i can also get my suspention mounting point beefed up also as the local potholes will take their toll on it if i don't after pulling up the carpet and sound damping i grabed this eek what a mess after taking the tar damping off i find i am left with this front passinger side floor i found the floor in way better shape then the driver side but still the damping pading was soaked not surprizing but still surprize how well the floor and subframe is just need to pic up some silica and get to sand blasting i gues and see how bad it realy is and get some new peaces welded in after diging and scraping and vacuming out all the crap this is what i'm left with still have a bunch more prop work to do befor i can put any new metal in but so far its looking prity good and i found what apears to be a plastic bag being used to patch some sorta previous hole in the floor
  3. ooo i wouldn;t mind a 72 145 with colour 109 mint my self... anyhow i came to update my jurnal for teh 145 and its gone :(
  4. 1ajs

    First Fire Of The Year

    fired the tank up today for the first time this year in otherwards i still have her sitting here and now my mothers talking of stealing it back and driving it to central amarica
  5. found her on facebook of all places the guy has to many projects lol hes curently restoring a 1959 Volvo PV 544 said 1k the 68 145 is mine probly go get in in the spring when got the time to do it its in hamilton though sure a hell of a ways away both cars in this shot lol
  6. 1ajs


    DOH! busted my driver side miror off walking past the car :S the glass did not break though
  7. 1ajs


    nice classic
  8. now its time to figure out were all the signal light crap went to on me :S and put it back together so its street legalas in the next week i will probly get plates put on here and take it pout for a spin and see how shes runing... emptyed my bucket and cleaned my misc parts to see what i have for screws and crap... figures the parts i don't need i got tuns of spares :S but the one i need i missing half the parts :S i will probly need to replace some bushings :S since shes sat for 5 years put about 40miles on it during thoughs 5 years though o well aslong as its city driveable i think i should be fine for now and go do the drivers test lol my goal is around the corner then i will be able to drive to work ect and make some money to fix the little things to keep it going... and maybe get a new body
  9. 1ajs

    Goodies In The Mail

    2 weeks ago i picked this up on ebay and it finaly came today don't know if any of the fellow 140 guys on here need any info outa it just ask me and i can photography the pages also finshed the floor last night now to finish the wheel well
  10. 1ajs

    1972 145s

  11. so finsied off the floor on the driver side and reatched the rear seat floor... to the gunel interesting note about this is my doors close properly again and open smoother even notice a change on the pasinger side and its solid as hell in this area
  12. its definatly alot more sold now then it was stll got a fair bit more work to do in here befor after
  13. well started the slow teadious part of rebuilding my wheel well artch and tieing it into the floor / structure this what we got done tonight ran outa wire again for the welder DOH! sprayed it with the zink oxide primer for the time being
  14. more progress today on the floor start to fill in the back seat area and start prep on the wheel well area also was playing around with my new macro adaptor
  15. drivers floor is getting closer to being done now to grinde and tuch up and do the rear seat area and then jack it up and door the welds from the botem side and beef the frame up
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