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  1. The pics are still there. I don't have the time to rehost them. You can get around the photobucket block by installing a plugin on chrome. I use this one: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/photobucket-hotlink-fix/kegnjbncdcliihbemealioapbifiaedg?hl=en Alternatively, you can view the entire album of dash repair pics here: http://s104.photobucket.com/user/iamawass/library/Dash Repair
  2. They fucked up all of the writeups i posted on VS and other forums. I am pissed. It's going to take a long time for me to move everything over to flickr.
  3. Inside joke. Many years ago I had the company that picked up this wagon, Rob's Towing, paint an R bumper for my yellow car. Josh had recommended the shop to me, and the office manager was this burly lady named Adourna. The shop ended up having to repaint the bumper a total of 3 times because each time the job wasn't done right. When I picked it up the first time, the bumper had cracks in the paint, so they repainted it a second time. Then, the paint started cracking like two weeks after I installed the bumper. So they repainted it a third time. A few months after that....you guessed it, the paint cracked again. I gave up at that point.
  4. Yes. Then she walked into my garage and kicked the R bumper on my yellow, cracking the paint.
  5. Can you believe Dave has 2 kids now? Crazy. I've got one too. I sold my wagon last week. Getting shipped to FL.
  6. Thanks all! Hope it goes to a Volvo enthusiast. Only listed on VS and SS right now until I take better pics.
  7. Thanks! Just bought the new DD last night. 2014 VW Jetta GLI Edition 30.
  8. For sale is my 1997 850R Wagon. White exterior, black interior, 145k miles. I am selling this car because I bought a new daily driver. If I did not already have an 850 T5R project car, I would be keeping this one given its rarity and condition. I am the second owner. I purchased the car from the original owner in 2013 with 104k miles. Clean carfax, no accidents. Carfax shows regular servicing at a local Volvo dealer from new until my ownership. The car was garaged by the original owner, and garaged for 90% of my ownership. The car is stock, aside from a strut bar and a few cosmetic upgrades (sidemarkers, e-code headlight lenses and turn signals, euro wide angle mirrors, HIDs, V70 tail lights, V70 3rd brake light, Pegs, T5-R steering wheel). The seats in the car are from a lower mileage 1998 V70R. I did a charcoal interior swap and prefer the V70R seats because they look cooler and are more comfortable IMO. All power and heated seat functions work as they should. Oil changed every 3k-4k miles with an OEM filter. Below is an extensive list of everything that has been done to the car since my ownership. All parts used are new OEM Volvo parts unless otherwise indicated. I maintain this car religiously. Of particular note, at 112k the PCV, timing belt, water pump and pulleys were replaced, and at 128k the valve stem seals and RMS were replaced by a Volvo master tech. The underside of the dashboard and mounting tabs are fully rebuilt and reinforced with fiberglass. See my writeup for more details: http://volvospeed.com/vs_forum/topic/171818-diy-850-dashboard-repair/. The dashboard is silent. This car is an extremely rare find in this color combination and condition. 850s are becoming extremely difficult to find with lower mileage and in good condition, and even more so for T5R/R models. The car is located in Wilmington, DE, 20 mins from the Philly international airport for non-local buyers. The price is $6,000.00. I'll take some updated pictures once I clean the car properly. Here are some older pics in the meantime: OEM Rear Spoiler (used) - 106k OEM Spoiler Mounting Kit - 106k OBX Strut Bar - 106k Oil Change - Castrol 10w30 w/ OEM Filter - 107k OEM Sachs Front Struts (x2) - 110k OEM Spring Seats (x2) - 110k OEM Strut Mounts (x2) - 110k OEM Endlinks (x2) - 110k Bump Stops (x2) - 110k OEM Strut Bolts (x4) - 110k OEM Outer Tie Rod (right) - 110k Alignment, Tires Balanced - 110k 850 Euro Rails (used) - 110k OEM Euro Rail Trim Kit - 110k OEM Front Wiper Blade Kit - 110k DDM HID Kit 4500k - 110k E-code headlight lenses - 110k OEM PCV Kit - 112k OEM Timing Belt/Water Pump/Pulleys/Tensioner/Serp Belt - 112k OEM Lower Transmission Mount - 112k OEM Pegasus Wheels 17x8 (x4) - 112.2k General G-MAX AS-03 Tires 215/45/17 (+road hazard) (x4) - 112k OEM Oil Cooler Lines (upper + lower) - 113k Oil Change - Castrol 10w30 + OEM Filter - 113k OEM Lift Gate Striker (on bottom of latch) - 113k Replaced Interior Switch Bulbs - 113k V70 Rear Upper Tail Lights (used) - 115k Clear Sidemarkers - 115k OEM Motorsports Badge - 115k Oil Change - Castrol 10w30 w/ OEM Filter - 116.7k Tires Rotated - 116.7k E-code turn signals (Depo) - 117k OEM E-code bulb holders (for turn signals) - 117k OEM Tailgate Struts (x2) - 117k V70 3rd Brake Light (used) - 117k V70 3rd Brake Light Relay (used) - 117k Sound deadening installed on all doors - 117k OEM Front Brake Hoses - 120k OEM Rear Brake Pads - 120k ATE Rear Brake Rotors - 120k Brake Fluid Flush - 120k Oil Change - Castrol 10w30 + OEM Filter - 120k Tires Rotated - 120k OEM Turn Signal Stalk - 120k Rear Armrest w/ Cupholders (used) - 123k Homelink Visor (used) - 123k Oil Change - Castrol 10w30 + OEM Filter - 123k OEM V70R Floor Mats - 124k OEM Inner Tie Rods (x2) - 124k OEM Outer Tie Rod (left) - 124k Alignment - 124k OEM Spark Plugs - 125k Bosch Fuel Filter - 125k Heater Core (new improved aftermarket) - 125k OEM Heater Core O-rings - 125k OEM Exhaust Hanger Hook (and repair kit) - 125k Dynomax SS Exhaust Tip 4" - 125k OEM Radiator - 126k OEM Rad Upper Hose - 126k OEM Rad Lower Hose - 126k OEM Thermostat - 126k OEM Thermostat Bolts - 126k OEM Coolant Temp Sensor - 126k OEM Reservoir Hose (Upper) - 126k Coolant Flush (Volvo Coolant) - 126k Tires Rotated - 127.5k OEM Distributor Cap - 127.7k OEM Distributor Rotor - 127.7k OEM Spark Plug Wires - 127.7k OEM Rear Cam Seal (behind cam sensor) - 127.7k Tki Motorsport - Engine Overhaul: 128.8k ---OEM Valve Seals ---OEM RMS ---OEM Lower Front Engine Mount (under crank) ---OEM Turbo Inlet Cooling Hose ---OEM Cam Seals (x4) ---Oil Change - OEM Oil and OEM Filter ---Transmission Oil Replaced OEM Fluid (7 qts) ---OEM Fuel Neck Clamps (upper and lower) ---Coolant Flush (Volvo Coolant) ---OEM Oil Pump Gasket Kit Oil Change - Castrol 10w30 + OEM Filter - 131k OEM Front Brake Pads - 134k ATE Front Brake Rotors - 134k OEM Rear Brake Pads - 134k Brembo Rear Brake Rotors - 134k Oil Change - Castrol 10w30 + OEM Filter - 135k OEM Starter Motor - 137k OEM Front Wiper Blade Kit - 138.5k Oil Change - Castrol 10w30 + OEM Filter - 139k Tires Rotated - 139k Bosch O2 Sensor (front) - 140.5k OEM Battery - 141.5k Complete rebuild of dashboard and mounting tabs - 141.5k Auto-Down Passenger Window Relay - 141.5k ABS Module Rebuilt (Midwest ABS) - 141.7k Oil Change - Castrol 10w40 + OEM Filter - 142.5k OEM Euro Wide Angle Mirrors (used) - 144k OEM Control Arms (x2) - 144k Bosch Icon Wiper Blades - 145k
  9. The 855R is my daily. I just want something newer to DD. I am still keeping my 95 850 T5-R. I plan to hold on to that car for a long, long time. I've owned it for 8+ years now. As far as staying away from boring, every day cars, I agree. That's why I am looking for a GLI. It's a jetta on steroids. Kind of like comparing an 850 n/a to an 850R. I thought about a C30, but it's just not practical with a newborn. I need to be able to carry a car seat + stroller. I also want something 2011 or newer, and the newer volvos are either out of my price range or too boring.
  10. I'm going to be selling my 855R soon. Tired of driving a 20 year old car every day. Buying a used 2012+ VW Jetta GLI as a replacement DD.
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