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Running w/ Heat Shield  

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I know that with the heat shield it keeps the turbo warmer and it makes the engine gas flow better and it keeps warm air getting to the engine bay.

huh....wouldn't think the turbo needs any help with staying warm????? it's constantly being heated by exhaust gases.

Explain how the heat shield helps gas flow on a forced feed engine.

And the heat shield is in the engine bay?????????

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What is the point of having it off? Is the turbo any louder?

I started the thread cuz I'm going to be replacing my 97 850 T5 exhaust manifold with the s60 version. Doing so means I'll need to get a different HS. (I'm not into Mickey Mouse on my old one)

So I got to thinking...do I really need one? What happens if I don't run one?

That's all...not to increase turbo noise or ?

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i took mine off when i replaced my exhaust manifold and never put it back on.....

should i put it back on for winter? with the tube that connects to the airbox?

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