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How About Decals?


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Im new to this forum, but i have been on it an read lots of threads for about a year!

I was just thinking that it could be fun to have a small decal on the car with volvospeed.com logo or something similiar!

I can get these very cheap since my brother owns a sign-compay!

Ofcourse they will be in cut-out-vinyl

The thing is that i live in sweden, so there have to be an admin or something in the states wich will act as an distributor!

Depending on how many that is interested in owning a decal, maybe i could donate it! But if there is a very big batch, i will have to calculate a price for them, maybe say like 1-2$ each!

How many would be interested in this?

Please post here if you have any other ideas! :)

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