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Seriously? Franklin is notorious for destroying your wallet. My wife's dad gets his bmw and benz fixed there becuase it's near them and he knows the guy but he got ripped far too hard on my brother in law's 97 960. $650 to replace the radiator??? LOL Jay in montgomery where I live did it for $275. and that included the cost of a new OEM radiator and coolant.

We're talking (jay) will do $300 timing belt changes, $400 heater core swap (includes the heater core and all the misc stuff and coolant flush) and Charged me $150 total to re-shim both my T5's AC compressor clutches.

If you've got AAA that can tow it down for you and don't mind being without your car for a little longer than normal (he's a 1 man shop) Jay knows volvos better than anyone else in the state and charges a fraction of the cost to do most work. and the best thing about him is that he fixes stuff that you don't even know is broken or about to break. haha And WONT charge you for it unless it's something major he finds wrong. Mainly I think because he wants it on the road more than he wants it returning to his shop to fix something else.

If you ever need his services, he's at 334-279-9644. tell him you're one of Drew's friends.

He's quoted me a couple hundred bucks to totally swap out all of the suspension stuff on my wifes car when we ever get all the parts together and take em to him. And I did my axle swap in his shop and he didn't charge me at all for that one since I was helping.

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Franklin Auto has changed my oil. They were much cheaper then Royal. 

As far as my springs/shocks/brakes/heater core...I took care of those. So I can't comment on that pricing.

Thanks for the contact info, though. I need a steering rack put in, and I lack the equipment to complete the job.

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