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I refinished these back in october to gold, and they look great, but i just want to see what everyone else thinks about changing the color of the nistos on my T5. i need to repaint them anyway, due to clearcoat issues. here's what the car looks like with the gold nistos on:


here are other options:

bright silver


Anthracite/Dark Silver


murdered: (tints coming soon, i know i know)


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Overall, they all look tight.

Breaking it down, tho:

Gold = A bit pimpish. Matching grille trim or interior light housings would make it pop a bit better.

Silver = Very clean. Sharp, sleek, and professional. Perhaps a touch bright.

Anthracite = Always love this color. Still professional....sharp, sleek, and a good color balance.

Black = at first glance, reminds me of steelies. That, or, cop attention getters signaling your interest in mods and racing. Definitely says, "Dare me".

Nice ride!

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you've already got it where it should be imo ;) i love your car, it wouldn't be the same without the gold. i wish i could paint my pegs gold for a few weeks :lol:

lol thanks man. if you did those would be the RARESTESTEST PEGZ EVAR

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