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Boo for a bad angle but a big pat on the back for sticking with the gold :tup:

Like khax said before, wouldn't be the same car if they were any other color, anytime I see T5Power anywhere on the board I picture a super clean black S70 with some pimpin gold nistos. :D

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hahaha awesome. i'm glad i've come to be known as that. althoughhhhhhh.....

i've been thinking (not short term here, more towards spring) of getting some volans and doing them gold. i'm definitely sticking with the same gold because i really really like this gold.


:lol: :lol: yet another bad angle, but this is the new color: and also with "black box" treatment by turtle wax. works awesome

and you can see i got newer non-delaminated door panels. 30 bucks or all four B) <3 junkyards


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OK, now its just obvious that you using the angles to accentuate the way that color catches the light :P

I've read other posts you've made praising that black box, it seemed like it would work good just because its made specifically for black cars. But actual input from someone who has used it is great. :tup:

I defiantly am going to pick some up once I get a respray (I highly doubt it will repair my clearcoat :lol:)

If you want, and if I get the chance, since I have some spare volans. I'll get some cheap temporary gold wheel paint and spray a volan, throw it on the car and snap a pic to give you an idea what it would look like. The paint on the sides of my car is in pretty good shape so it shouldn't be toooooo much of a stretch for you to picture them on yours. :P

But....... just to let you know, if I like it, I may steal your idea :) but most likely not. I have an idea I've been mowing over again and again in my head for my volans involving 2 different finishes of black :ph34r:

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