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Need Suggestions For A Business Name


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why is that soo funny? :) back home we had a garage called busted knuckles.

no offense! I like it a lot I would just never have thought of it and the thought of someone white knuckling through a corner at full throttle was amusing at the time : )

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You can sell that 2.75 hardpipe you had for sale including the short shift kit.

If you want some easy stuff you can re-market you can buy led's and bulb holders and make kits for gauge cluster swaps, and also buy and solder resistors for switches etc.


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If you call it prancing moose anything I might not buy anything from you because of principal. Because it reminds me of those retarded ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD stickers.

to be honest I'm not even sure what the significance of the prancing moose is and I've never liked the stickers too much soooo... I doubt I'll go with that name :)

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