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Shazzam, there you go Kevin. Anchorage, Alaska.

Patrick, I dunno... all that cold dense air is pretty fun being crammed into the intake on my morning drive. :) But you guys do have good GTGs. About the only way to be part of a local enthusiast group is if I had a WRX. There's tons of those here, and they all seem to be part of NASIOC.

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I am holding it down in the big North Carolina. There are a TON of 240s and 740s around Apex, but they are given to the kids who drive them because they have to. I have my 740 because it is fast and nobody around here would ever think of modding an old volvo.


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<---20 minutes from canada, but still an easy choice

ain't no party like a detroit party cuz a detroit party don't stop

(hey, it's good that there's at least one person from this american car loving land repping on VS :D )

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