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Some of you know my last name.

My nickname is based off my last name. MY Grandfather, Father, brother, sister and myself have been called RIZZ our entire life.

the only people that call me MIKE are on the INTERNET or my Customers. They call me RIZZ at work even.

Having a vanity plate wont be a problem since the car is already identifiable within seconds.

vote away.

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I have on the XC


Justin is that supposed to translate to Volvonstein - as in Frankenstein? :lol:

If so couldn't be more appropriate and sounds like the plate you should keep on every project car you build.

I finally got the vanity plate for the saffron C70 - took the IL DMV three months to deliver! Now sporting:


I had considered going straight SAFFRN (somebody already snagged SAFFRON :angry:), SWEETSH, and JOOST as other plays on the car color / make.

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