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How Many Of You Have More Than One Set Of Wheels For Your Car


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ive noticed most VS'ers are like girls with shoes when it comes to wheels for their cars. one set is not enough.

so how many sets do you have, and what are they?

ill start this off with my '97 855R. have 17" pegs as summmer wheels and 16" charcoal satellites as winter wheels

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4 columbas

4 medussas

4 masitaly president 17's

4 Titans

5 Tritons

4 comets

4 oz chrono's

1 volan.....

you cant count busted wheels ..... :rolleyes:

Only going to mention the ones I have this second.

4- 18 Pegs

5- 18 Ultraleggeras

4- 18 OZ 35th Annv

4- 18 BBS knock offs

4- 18 Tritons

4- 17 TDR

4- 17 Migila Migelas

10-16 Perfos

8- 16 Telus

another 6-8 of some other random beat ass 15/16 wheels that are used to hold motors up

thats what i can remeber :lol:

I just sold in the last two weeks

4- 18 High Gloss Black Pegs

4- 17 Flat Black Pegs

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Thats only the volvo stock, How about tires?

OMG no listing tires me and you will both be here for ever :blink:

We should do how many spare motors and trannys do you have :lol:

98R motor - bad headgasket

99 T5 Motor

01 T5 Motor

04 R bottom end

98 Glt Bottom end

00R motor

98 T5 Motor - busted rod

99 T5 motor - sludged


04 M66 -40k

04 M66 -400miles

04 M66 -100k

98 M56 -300k

99 M56 -123k

01 M56 -90k

05 Auto AWD

98 Auto AWD

98 Auto FWD

And no I am not listing the rest of the crap I have at the shop .....

Freaking in doors alone I have over 20 doors ... Gen1 and P2 :blink:

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This thread is gonna be funny :lol:

Right now I have one set of 17" OZ Record Wheels and one set of 17" Nebulas.

At one point I had 4 sets of wheels though,

With an opener like "VS'ers are like girls with shoes when it comes to wheels", how could it not be, lol.

Two for each of my rides, all crappy by now, so looking out for a good deals from broke college students :P.

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