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How Many Of You Have More Than One Set Of Wheels For Your Car


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18x8 Enkei GF-1 for the summer

Gold 16" Steelies for the winter

Bent ass Arrakis for the Fails... haha

I had some BBS but sold them...

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Since when/ where did you get 11 Volans!?

I thought I had the most :(


The best part is that my R came with 4 steelies and 1 volan in the trunk. Then I found 2 on eBay it was close so I went to pick them up and the guy had a 3rd in his garage with a tiny bend on the inside lip, still holds air and balances fine. Then I picked up a 97 R with a monster hole in the block from JRL on SS that had 5. And recently found 2 on craigslist.

I may try to sell a set but i'm definitely getting the best 4 PC'd either a little darker than stock or just straight black. Aside from the chrome jewels my volans are the brightest thing on the outside of my car everything else is black.... Even the tails :ph34r:

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you cant count busted wheels ..... :rolleyes:

Only going to mention the ones I have this second.

4- 18 Pegs

5- 18 Ultraleggeras

4- 18 OZ 35th Annv

4- 18 BBS knock offs

4- 18 Tritons

4- 17 TDR

4- 17 Migila Migelas

10-16 Perfos

8- 16 Telus

another 6-8 of some other random beat ass 15/16 wheels that are used to hold motors up

thats what i can remeber :lol:

I just sold in the last two weeks

4- 18 High Gloss Black Pegs

4- 17 Flat Black Pegs

4- 18" White TDRs :lol:

I have 3 full sets of volans once with a full spare for each

and then 3 full sets of Propus with 2 full spares .

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1. Stock 16"

2. Chrome 18" w/lip(sold-but 3/4 wheels are still sitting in my garage)

3. Axis Mod (Silver) 2-18"/4-19" (thinking if I should powder-coat 'em black)

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