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Isn't there a website or some place where we can see exactly how many T5m's were imported to the US in 98? And also break down color combos?

I've heard that charcoal int T5m's were pretty rare.

My dad and I always have the discussion of who's car is more rare in the USA, his Yellow/Charcoal 854T5-R or my White/Charcoal 98S70T5m

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His yellow is my guess, and another one bites the dust, yellow 854 R at the local pnp

i think low build number paint color will always be considered rarer that interior colors. I love that i own a low build number volvo color combo with a manual trans, but i see 5-10 black wagons on my way to work each day unlike the yellows

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94 850 T5 factory manual :)

damn Canadians get all the good shit...

first you have the real Molson XXX then you get factoraaaaaay 5speed... whats next you get free 3-ways with the queen of england and her sons wife?

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MIne is a black on black S70 T5 SE - factory 5 speed. The last time I checked on here no one else has one in that trim with the factory 5 speed. I guess its very rare?. That adds at least 5K to the resale price right :D

Welcome to the rare-ness! I have yet to seehear of one other of these in the N.E. :)

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