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Quoted for Rob-Zilla the TT-Killa on FVC

Where: Smokey Bones Orlando

3400 East Colonial Drive


When: Every Wednesday at 7:30 till when ever you leave.

Hey guys, Figured I would get some of you out to this!

For anyone who wants to come out you should, this is a great group of guys and gals I have had the pleasure to be with since they formed.

Volvo's are actually respected and I think its because they know what were putting down in relation to their own cars.

It would be nice to get a larger group of us out there, even if it is 1 night a month.

This could even become our monthly meet location.

The meet spot is in the sports authority parking lot usually around 7:30 - 8. There is alot of bs'ing, catching up, planning, and comparing rides. This is an actual European auto enthusiast club/crew/group you will not find any "OG attitudes". Member run, Member voted on, Member organized, and very active.

If anyone wants to come out this Wednesday you are welcome to!

Shoot me a PM, Text, Email or what ever you want.

I am usually always out, and Jaime (2Tone850) can be seen from time to time here as well.

Please come out, have some fun, grab some dinner, and enjoy yourself while taking part in something.

(This meet has VW, BMW, Audi at it as well, Rarely a Honda or two will roll through and they are pretty chill, but over all this is a great group to hang out with. Come hang out)

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So there was a No-Go on the open heart surgery on the 854... I didnt want to crack the motor open with it raining every hour or so... But from what I hear it is supposed to be in the low 80's this weekend... HELL YES winter is coming!!

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We are ready for the first run of the Florida shaped Swedish flag emblems...

I need a total of 5 or more for the first run..

Delivery time should be about a week from payment to your door.

Emblems will be proportional to your 850/70/740/940/240 emblems

Here is a rough test cut that was done, keep in mind they will be smooth and ready to mount with 3m trim tape already attached...


If you are interested please PM me and we can get the ball rolling on this before the November Ft Myers meet.

You can check out the different options here http://www.floridavo...php?f=44&t=1929

Im going to make an order tomorrow so let me know ASAP..


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