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Do You Hate Loud Motorcycles?

Matty Moo

Loud motorcycles.  

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Interesting, because I feel like safety inspections help push people to buy new cars. Oh it needs a new horn, and the ebrake needs adjusting? Cars gone to shit, need to get a new one ASAP.

In the city of Detroit they don't drive shitty old cars by choice, they do it because they have no choice. Their state representatives will do whatever it takes to stop anything from passing that would be "against" them. That's why smog went away back when, it was only for the Metro area and they claimed it was unfair to the poor people.

Yes, it is as fucked up as it sounds.

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Car's age exemption (maybe value is a better metric) is a nice way to deal with it that way some low-income person's otherwise functional car doesn't get scrapped. MA has an economic hardship waiver which gives you a year to save up. The repair estimate has to be about $1k+ (depending on cars age). But if you spend about 2/3rds that much and it still won't pass you can apply for an emissions waiver. http://massvehiclecheck.state.ma.us/motorist_whatiffail.html

It's funny to me how many people in MA/RI freak about a failed safety inspection, yet other places don't have them (I think CT doesn't?). The people who grew up in MA/RI, familiar with the process, can't wrap their head around the idea of not having one as if it would create an immediately hazardous roadway. They also don't realize that people who can't afford to make their car safe just drive it illegally anyway :lol:

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