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Next Gen Console : Ps4 Vs Xbox One

Commander Riker

Which console will you purchase?  

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Probably ps4 first then down the road get the xbone since its not releasing with halo and they are going to have to sort out their used games are going to work.

Wow that was total engrish. My tablet is really funky sometimes

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Anyone who buys the Xbox really is sacrificing a lot...

  • 24hr Internet Connection required to make sure you don't lend games to your friends, (if you do they'll have to pay for the game when they register it
  • no used games
  • (3) operating systems which brings the total performance down due to overhead
  • $499 base model (even though it includes Kinect
  • Kinect because it's always on. (by default)

Playstation 4 has a few things going for it

  • Used games are the same as before - transferrable without fee's
  • single OS for less overhead
  • $399
  • Gran Turismo 7 - GT6 was designed for PS3, and as the PS4 has changed architectures it will be difficult to put out on the new console before 2014.

I'll probably get the PS4 to make a racing simulator - usually would go with a custom PC but for $399 can't really beat it, although it's got to be compatible with the G27 wheel

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i've currently got a PS3 & Xbox 360, so probably end up replacing them both as the new ones come out. The PS3 gets used mainly for watching TV & linking to the PC, the Xbox gets turned on to play GTA & Forza

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Kinect issue seems to be startling a lot of conspiracy theorists. If the feds want to watch me scratching my nuts while watching TV then go for it.

oh dear, have they noticed how many netbooks/laptops have got camera's built in lately

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  • 6 months later...

Was playing Xbox One yesterday...

Graphics = mind blown.

Responsiveness on the new kinect vs sony and nintendo = mind blown as well, camera quality on it is stupid awesome.

Voice commands = awesome

Heard a rumor certain 360 games will trigger free downloadable game, trying that out this weekend

does not need to be connected to internet 24/7, obviously it does if you want to be able to have internet access when ever, but voice command and everything else still works.

still new to it so well see how I feel about it later on down the road after owning sony systems for awhile.

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