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How Do You Take Your Coffee?


How do you take your coffee?  

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coffee flavored sugar milk please.

In the fall it's Hot Cider (until i can't get the gallons of the fresh good stuff anymore)

then I do love some hot chocolate. great homemade recipe. none of that powdered junk. and it's even better with a splash of Irish cream in it.

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Coffee is Not Bad ?

Ok water is the best drink. But coffee is 99,8 water.

So how bad it could be ? 0,2% that's not bad enough.

Over here in Europe the old people all drink coffee the whole day. 2 cups in the morning 2 at the afternoon and a espresso after dinner.

And they all live around 90 years.

Only the people which drink alcohol die early,

And sugar kills even faster.

Sugar drinks are pure evil ;)

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Coffee just like I like my women: black, bitter and preferably fair trade.

Killin it with the Krieger quote :lol:

Oh, and I don't drink coffee, despite being an architecture student. Either water, OJ, or milk for me.

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