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Emerald Vs. Olive


Emerald Vs. Olive  

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Same damn difference. Olive is the European name. Those who want to act like they're "in the know" like to call it Olive. :rolleyes:

I drive a 421 green Volvo S70. Depending on my mood, it's Olive Pearl or Emerald Green Metallic.

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You need to add the option #3:

It's green everything else is just semantics.

Edit: So instead you chose to use "I'm color blind" as the 3rd option so that's my choice because like I said, same damn difference.

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I call it Olive because my wagon was Olive and Tom's wagon is Olive, which made us Olive buddies :3 (until I got this yellow).

who cares they both ugly colors LoL

sold my 98 v70t5m cause it was green

>=O! how dare you!

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