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Which T5M To Keep


Which T5M to keep  

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SO I am thinking of selling one of my T5M's. I am just torn on which one to keep. They are pretty much identical in build. Both run flawlessly and are within 400 miles of the same mileage. Just wanted to see what your thoughts are on this and why.






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I dont know man... Im torn, you put so much work in to the white car

But the Red one gives me a Boner every time I see it..

Id keep the Red

BUT......... Take the seats out of the white!

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Which color do you like better? Because none of the differences between the two cars are anything you couldn't easily change.

The only other thought is which car will you lose less money on - that's the one you should sell.

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Subjective, but, yeah, sell red. Clean whites are clean, and at your age, perhaps you should consider driving the more subdued vehicle. haha

Brembos pop, along with those dual pipe duals, better overall package imo.

"Whatcha gonna do next?"

Have you been eyeing some other cars?

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