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Dirty Magazine Or Clean Volvo?


...would you rather stare at?  

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I keep that stuff in my BMW 7 series folder. :P

And the Volvo stuff, in where else, the Volvo folder. I have a folder of pictures and files for about 200 different models of cars. B)

No one ever suspects the BMW 7 series folder. hehe.

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Guest DougK

I have zero porn on this computer and maybe 300MBs of random bulls*it pictures of only my car on here...

Considering I have a 460GB capacity, you can probably guess what else I have on here ;)

pictures of little boys?

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Not only volvo vids/pics, but cars in general, 30Gb at home, and about 100Gb at work. The naughty pictures reside on non-volatile memory far away from anything resembling a net connection ... My Digital camera.

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