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98' Saffron V70R Needs Upgrades & Collective Consciousness


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I just got my car back after ten years with the kids; it shocking looks new (miracles happen). I changed the belts, fluids, brakes, et al and replaced the struts (Sachs OEM) and relative parts. However, it still feels like mush. I was thinking Bilstein B6's and cut the springs an 1" or so, but came to my senses to ask. What would you do? 

Data: Bought new, next day installed the IPD chip and dual exhaust. Nothing else has changed from Vovlo Specs

Goal 1: I'd like to lower the stance a hair and stiffen the suspension. That is my goal, the best for the less for street use only. I don't expect to make any adjustments for conditions. I live in hilly Seattle. 

Goal 2: Give'er a litle more life, a testosterone shot for age. Should I rebuild the turbo? if so, Ideal boost for low maintenance? A RIP kit? Change the throttle body? Best bang for the buck in your opinion?

Appreciate any guidance. Nice to have her home again

V70R Nose.jpg


V70R Sideview.jpg

Vv70R 98.jpg

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it does look good!

first, replace the painted wipers

second, stage zero (like you are doing - fix what is broken and refresh fluids etc)

third, turboback exhaust 3" to 2.5" cat back is fine coupled with a tune and you should be impressed with the extra power

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@flyfishing3You also think your Volvo truck badge grill looks good too, so...

As Greg said, stage 0 to replace all old pieces such as vacuum lines and the such. Then look at a down-pipe and exhaust, the factory 98 AWD downpipe is pretty horrible in terms of flow. Suspension wise, H&R lowering springs up front then cut a coil off the rear springs (same as TME does...) then you can use fooler bolts on the nivomats. For more steering feel, delrin subframe bushings or swap in a P80 99-04 C70 convertible subframe as they had solid aluminum bushings from the factory.

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