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We have rankings now?


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10 hours ago, Zappo said:

You have the be the highest ranked right now.  I can't think of anyone else who has been posting more than you since this was installed.


If you aint first....








Your last.





Ricky Bobby.



But honestly, I was slightly hoping by liking a lot it would awaken some of the other members due to possible email notifications, haha.

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8 hours ago, Zappo said:

I should look into it, but I am not sure he has posted in years, even in the mod area.  The site is more active now though, even if it is only 5 or 6 of us posting all the time. :)


At the end of the day im just glad the forum is still here.
I do wish he would fix the front end, or let someone take a crack at it though.  

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19 minutes ago, Zappo said:

I am still 1 badge ahead of you.  :)  


Dam got that dedicated badge, Guessing its 7 days and not 5 since im not on during the weekend.

Going to have to change that this weekend lol.


Curious, is it literally just logging in 7 days in a row, or actually posting.

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Guest MashaKaBeR1441

You read it - the spam works

I spam on 12.000.000 (12 MILLIONS!) websites! 
Blogs, forums, boards, shops, guestbooks, social networks - any engines with any captchas!
I have no life!  ;)

Regards, MashaKeBeR7077

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On 10/28/2021 at 12:27 PM, Zappo said:

Yes.  I don't post every day, but I check it every day.


Yep so I forgot about it saturday and by the time I remembered it Sunday I said eh maybe next weekend LOL

21 hours ago, Zappo said:

I should get points for cleaning up spam.  :)



But yeah kinda agree with you there, surprised.


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