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We have rankings now?


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41 minutes ago, Zappo said:

An IP ban would fix the issue, but since someone never shows up here anymore...


:3 Are you speaking of the almighty @Che'_Moderator

23 minutes ago, Zappo said:

Or better yet, killing the guest access.  If they are forced to create an account, their is less problems.



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12 minutes ago, Zappo said:

It is automated.  It is just a script running on a computer.  

It is sad when Guest is top poster of the day though.  :)




Seriously though, might need to go through and IP block as well as block emails with .ru and .cn endings. 
I had to on the FLVC forums years back, but its much easier to do on a regional forum vs a world wide forum.
Also works if you have someone active and see's the issues.

I just wish I had access to the server to at least throw up a basic landing page for the site.
That .com being broken for so long stresses me out lol.

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13 minutes ago, Zappo said:

I don't think you did.  Is it in this thread?



Oh, you are WAY beyond post whore now.  I figured out what you are doing.


LMAO Poor Faulty, At this point im positive his email notifications are definitely not turned on 😅

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10 minutes ago, Zappo said:

Do you not have a job?  I don't know how you have the time to do all that.


:3 It's just a script.
Super simple one too since its just 2 clicks and a paste.

I just set it and walk away to do some work and when I come back I just click it off. 

But legit you need like 6k points at this level 😮

Dang I was trying to report that spam post lol.

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