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Destroyed fiber cam gear on 1966 122


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I have a couple of questions after my fiber cam gear was destroyed while driving down the road. Car was running smoothly cruising down a country road, car lost power and ran out of gas and left me stranded. After pulling timing gear cover I found the fiber gear had a quarter of the teeth on it sheered off. I bought a timing gear replacement kit. 

My first question is this, Do I need to replace the steel timing gear if it doesn't have any play or apparent damage to it? I plan on replacing it anyway, but just wondering if it is necessary, engine only has about 40K miles on it. Second question is this, after cleaning the fiber gear debris out of the timing gear cover area do I need to drop the oil pan to clean out anything inside of there? If you have had this happen to you before how much if any fiber particles were in there? Can I just change the oil a couple of times back to back to hopefully get any particles from the oil pan? Or do I have to drop the oil pan and clean it out? If I have to drop the oil pan, can I do this with engine in the car somehow or do I have to pull the engine out? 

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